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How to apply a second time for the same job opening

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By Eve Nicholas
Herald Columnist
The job posting looks perfect. Local company. Ideal job title. The description fits your career history to a T. So, you immediately update your resume, draft a cover letter and place a few calls to identify the right person to contact at the company. This is your job. You know it. Everything falls into place. Except for one thing. Weeks pass and you never hear back from the company. Then, a month later, you pick up the help-wanted section again and your eyes land on the job posting. The same exact one.
The job still looks terrific. The company has a great reputation and youd love to work there. Plus, your experience is a point-on-point match for every detail in the job description. What happened? How should you proceed? Here are a few ideas:
Tip 1: Know the facts about job postings. Its easy to forget that job postings are marketing tools. Most of the time, companies use ads to develop a pool of qualified job candidates for specific, open positions. Sometimes, they create postings to attract people for future jobs (rather than currently available opportunities). In some cases, organizations design help-wanted ads to showcase upcoming events or projects that dont involve real job openings.
Unless you have an inside edge on the companys hiring practices, it is impossible to know what type of advertisement you are reading. Keep this in mind when you come across those perfect job postings. Dont toss them aside, of course, but dont count on them for factual, up-to-date information. Rely on your networking sources or consider contacting the organization directly to determine the status of open positions. And dont limit yourself to advertisements. Continue to target companies through more assertive methods of job searching.
Tip 2: Reach out to the company a second time. Carefully. When contacting an employer for the second time, it is important to choose your strategy (and words) very carefully. Research the company to gather insights about strategic projects or organizational changes that may personalize and enrich your letter. Also, be honest about your previous correspondence. Consider something along these lines:
I am excited to write to you again after reaching out to your hiring department in November. Since my last correspondence, I have learned more about your 2011 product launch and plan to move to a new, larger facility.
For the past eight years, I have designed marketing strategies that generated buzz for newly developed technologies. My efforts helped my present employer achieve immediate and sustainable profitability in a touch-and-go economy. Plus, I was a key member of the start-up team, which may be useful during your upcoming relocation project.
Because of my solid experience (and relevant business and technology training), I believe that I can make a positive impact for your business from day one. Enclosed is another copy of my resume for your convenience. I hope to speak with you soon to discuss my potential contributions toward XYZ Company.
Tip 3: Dont stop searching. Wait about one week and then follow up with the employer by phone. At this point, if the interview door doesnt fly open, move on. Its time to focus your energy on other opportunities.

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