Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sample ballot for Aug. 7 primary

By Evan Smith, Herald writer
Ballots and voters pamphlets for the Aug. 7 primary election will arrive in mailboxes in a few days.
Here is a sample ballot for South Snohomish County:
U.S. Senate
Chuck Jackson (Prefers Republican Party)
Michael Baumgartner (Prefers Republican Party)
Maria Cantwell (Prefers Democratic Party)
Art Coday (Prefers Republican Party)
Mike the Mover (Prefers Republican Party)
Glenn Stockwell (Prefers Republican Party)
Will Baker (Prefers Reform Party)
Tommy (Doc) Wilson (Prefers Democratic Party)
U.S. Representative, Congressional District 2 (includes Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and Brier)
Dan Matthews (Prefers Republican Party)
Mike Lapointe (Prefers The 99% Party)
Rick Larsen (Prefers Democratic Party)
Eli Olson (Prefers Republican Party)
John C. W. Shoop (Prefers Republican Party)
Glen S. Johnson (States No Party Preference)
U.S. Representative, Congressional District 7 (includes Edmonds and Woodway)
Scott Sutherland (Prefers GOP Party)
Don Rivers (Prefers Democratic Party)
Jim McDermott (Prefers Democratic Party)
Andrew Hughes (Prefers Democratic Party)
Charles Allen (Prefers Democratic Party)
Ron Bemis (Prefers Republican Party)
Goodspaceguy (Prefers Employmentwealth Party)
U.S. Representative, Congressional District 1 — 1-month short term (includes all of South Snohomish County)
J. Byron Holcomb (Prefers Democratic Party)
Brian Berry (Prefers Democratic Party)
Bob Champion (Prefers Independent Party)
Brian Sullivan (Prefers Democratic Party)
Darcy Burner (Prefers Democratic Party)
Suzan DelBene (Prefers Democratic Party)
Laura Ruderman (Prefers Democratic Party)
Darshan Rauniyar (Prefers Democratic Party)
John Koster (Prefers Republican Party)
Ruth Morrison (Prefers Democrat Party)
Steven J. Gerdes (Prefers Republican Party)
Jay Inslee (Prefers Democratic Party)
Rob Hill (Prefers Democratic Party)
L. Dale Sorgen (Prefers Independent Party)
Shahram Hadian (Prefers Republican Party)
Javier O. Lopez (Prefers Republican Party)
Max Sampson (Prefers Republican Party)
Rob McKenna (Prefers Republican Party)
James White (Prefers Independent Party)
Christian Joubert (States No Party Preference)
Lieutenant Governor
Brad Owen (Prefers Democrat Party)
Glenn Anderson (Prefers Indep Republican Party)
Bill Finkbeiner (Prefers Republican Party)
James Robert Deal (States No Party Preference)
Mark Greene (Prefers Democracy Indep. Party)
Dave T. Sumner IV (Prefers Neopopulist Party)
Secretary of State
Sam Wright (Prefers The Human Rights Party)
Kathleen Drew (Prefers Democratic Party)
Jim Kastama (Prefers Democratic Party)
Karen Murray (Prefers Constitution Party)
Greg Nickels (Prefers Democratic Party)
Kim Wyman (Prefers Republican Party)
David Anderston (States No Party Preference)
State Treasurer
Jim McIntire (Prefers Democratic Party)
State Auditor
James Watkins (Prefers Republican Party)
Troy Kelley (Prefers Democratic Party)
Craig Pridemore (Prefers Democratic Party)
Mark Miloscia (Prefers Democratic Party)
State Attorney General
Reagan Dunn (Prefers Republican Party)
Bob Ferguson (Prefers Democratic Party)
Stephen Pidgeon (Prefers Republican Party)
State Commissioner of Public Lands
Peter J. Goldmark (Prefers Democratic Party)
Stephen A. Sharon (States No Party Preference)
Clint Didier (Prefers Republican Party)
State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Nonpartisan)
Randy I. Dorn
James Bauckman
John Patterson Blair
Don Hansler
Ronald L. (Ron Higgins)
State Insurance Commissioner
Mike Kreidler (Prefers Democratic Party)
John R. Adams (Prefers Republican Party)
Brian C. Berend (Prefers Independent Party)
Scott Reilly (Prefers Republican Party)
Legislative Offices
1st District Senator (includes Brier and most of Mountlake Terrace)

Guy Palumbo (Prefers Democratic Party)
Rosemary McAuliffe (Prefers Democratic Party)
Dawn McCravey (Prefers Republican Party)
1st District Representative Pos 1 (includes Brier and most of Mountlake Terrace)
Derek Stanford (Prefers Democratic Party)
Greg Rankich (Prefers Democratic Party)
Sandy Guinn (Prefers Republican Party)
Brian Travis (Prefers Republican Party)
1st District Representative Pos 2 (includes Brier and most of Mountlake Terrace)
Luis Moscoso (Prefers Democratic Party)
21st District Representative Pos 1 (includes most of Edmonds \and north Lynnwood)
Mary Helen Roberts (Prefers Democratic Party)
21st District Representative Pos 1 (includes most of Edmonds \and north Lynnwood)
Marko Liias (Prefers Democratic Party)
32nd District Representative Pos 1 (includes Lynnwood, Woodway, south Edmonds and nearby unincorporated areas)
Cindy Ryu (Prefers Democratic Party)
Randy J. Hayden (Prefers Republican Party)
32nd District Representative Pos 2 (includes Lynnwood, Woodway, south Edmonds and nearby unincorporated areas)
Ruth Kagi (Prefers Democratic Party)
Robert Reedy (Prefers Republican Party)
Eric R. Alvey (Prefers GOP Party)
State Supreme Court Pos 2
Susan Owens
Douglas W. McQuaid
Scott Stafne
State Supreme Court Position 8
Steve Gonzalez
Bruce O. Danielson
State Supreme Court Position 9
Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Bruce Hilyer
John W. Ladenburg
Richard B. Sanders
Superior Court Position 11
Millie Judge
Jack Follis
City of Mountlake Terrace
Proposition No. 1
Civic Center Bonds

The City Council of the City of Mountlake Terrace adopted Ordinance No. 2588 concerning financing a civic center. If approved, this proposition would authorize the City to issue bonds to construct a new civic center, including a community/senior center, police station, and library improvements as described in Ordinance 2588. It would authorize issuance of not more than $25,000,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 30 years or less, and authorize the annual levy of excess property taxes to pay and retire such bonds, all as provided in Ordinance 2588. Should this proposition be approved?
YES __
NO ___
Public Utility District
PUD Commissioner District 2

Kathleen (Kathy) Vaughn
Eric Teegarden
David Swanson
Election of Political Party Precinct Committee Officer
Candidate 1 - Dem/Rep
I affirm I am a Democrat/Republican
Candidate 2 - Dem/Rep
I affirm I am a Democrat/Republican
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