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Published: Sunday, July 29, 2012, 12:01 a.m.

Vital Statistics

Marriage licenses
ABRAMS, Jeffery Robert and LILLIE, Katherine Lorraine
AHUMADA, Carlos Jason and LUTCAVICH, Pearline Angelina
ARSENEAU, Brandon Ray and WOOLMAN, Hope Elizabeth
AYALA CARDENAS, Adrian Alonso and MARTINEZ JAUREZ, Brenda Karina
BARENZ, William Kent and ETTER, Rebecca Anne
BARTLETT, Brandon carll and CAMERON, Stacy Marie
BENNETT, Joseph Scott and HALE, Adrienne Lyn
BENNETT, Joseph Travis and ST. CLAIR, Ashley Elizabeth
BLENMAN, Arturo Arndel and BENJAMIN, Stacy La-Rae
BOHNSACK, Jeffrey Daniel and JENSEN, Kathleen Frances
BOITEZ, Angel Lopez and Flores, Zayda Luz
BOLSON, Nigel Patrick and DESCHANE, Brynne Kristine
BONALLO, Ian Thomas and LLOYD, Kari Ann
BONEHAM, Matthew Roger and DICKINSON, Joshlynn Nevada
BRANDON, Noel E and HAMBLY, Sally Ann
BROOKE, Cody Franklin and CATON, Alison Marie
BROWN, Jeffrey Scott and FRANCOIS, Debra Jean
BUCK, Alan and CRAW, Silvia
CALDWELL, Dennis Jerome, Jr. and FULLER, Claire Lesley
CASTRO, Tolentino Jose Ignacio and RODRIGUEZ, Bustos Jessica
CAVELERO, Gordon Richard and JENSEN, Beverly Ann
CLAXTON, Rian Richard and ZEUFELDT, Brittany Elizabeth
COGSWELL, Barry Charles and HAAGEN, Kate Marie
CONRAD, Ronald Dean and CONRAD, Kathleen Suzanne
CORNELL, Brian Patrick and DEYOUNG, Brittany Grace
COSTELLO, Sean Paul and MILLER, Cheyenna Marie
CRAIG, Jerron Marvin and TRAUTMANN, Andrea Marie
DANNER, Bruce Allen, Sr. and ARNOLD, Donna Faye
DAU, Robin Eric and TRAN, Julie Thi
DAVIS, Kevin Shawn, Jr. and GROSHONG, Andrea Dawn
DAVIS, Michael William and SALAZAR, Maria Leilani
DECELLES, Devon Raymond and MOLL, Julie Kathleen
DE-LAVALLADE, Duane Douglas and FLOWERS, Gena Lee
DINGLE, Ryan James and TANGVALD, Kjerte Rene
DOLHANYK, Drew Grego and ADAMS, Rebekah Joy
EDWARDS, Justin Carl and CASSELL, Rachel Ann
ESTRADA, Victor Hugo and GARCIA, Hurtado, Rosa Lidia
ESTRELLA, Jovan Shariff and VERGARA-AGUILAR, Imelda
FALSIS, Lucas Stecher and WALLACE, Brooke Jean
FELLER, Donald Edward, Jr. and SHEAHAN, Erin Leigh
FINAN, Daniel Patrick and JOHNSON, Cassie Roseanne
FIX, Gregory Alivin and VOGL, Robin May
GOLIMBIYEVSKIY, Vadim Petrovich and KUTSAYA, Liliya Vladimirovna
GREEN, Toby Wayne and KARSH, Andrea Renee
Gregorich, Joseph Alexander and FALSETTO, Heather Noel
HARRIS, David Brian and HALEY, Megan Louise
HARRISON, Joel Andrew and FORSYTH, Jessica Lynne
HATCH, Caleb James and NADEAU, Jennie Theresa
HENDERSHOT, Timothy Jason and GEORGE, Lillyan Savannah
HERRMANN, John Ethan and WHALEN, Kathleen Ann
HESPE, Damon Ray and DU-BEAU, Amy Cherie
HO VAN, Quoc and PHAN, Alice
HOLEY, Donald Duane, III and HULL, Jessica Megan
HOLM, Derrick James and JENSEN, Chelsea Amanda Marie
HUGHES, Daniel Joseph and HOLLAND, Kimberly Correne
HUNTER, John Robert and JOHNSON, Marsha Rose
HUY, Sambo and MUELLER, Sprey Nak
HUYNH, Greg Hien and TSAI, Annie Hsiao-Ping
HYATT, Charles Henry and EUNSON, Lela Bell
JOHNSON, Kenneth Lee and ANTONELLI, Tanya Marie
JONES, Chad Robert and ROBINSON, Michelle Marie
JONES, Preston Wade and HAMMOND, Kristy Jolene
KERR, Bryan Zachery and NAUMAN, Kelli Jo Grace
KIENEKER, Kevin Adam and STRAND, Morgan Leann
KNUST, Brian Carl and GATES, Andrea Nicole
KUKUK, Scott Alan and GILMAN, Sarrah Ann
LAMKEN, Stephen Lawrence and KEELING, Sharla Ann
LEONARD, Douglas George Orman and MAYATTE, Michele Dawn
LILLIBRIDGE, Kiel Perry and BORG-LEON, Angelina Chloe
LILLIE, Nathan Taylor and PICHETTE, Amber Dawn
LITVINCHUK, Andrey Leonidovich and TSARUK, Yuliya N
LONG, Donnie Michael and COGGLE, Tory Elizabeth Catherine
LONG, James Patrick and MATHER, Liane Alyse
LOUTHAN, Michael Spencer and CAO WENDIE, Nguyen Ngoc
MARTIN, Scott Lee, CAMPBELL, Meghann Rae
MATA-CAMBRONERO, Odilio Mauricio and VILLEGAS, Alejandra
MAXWELL, Christopher Bryan and PRIMM, Alison Carol
MCQUOID, Michael Richard and GJESDAHL, Amber Leanne
MEHAFFEY, Bobby Eugene and MELTON, Ginny May
MELLIS, David Malcolm Alexander and BISHOP, Trina Lynn
MILLETT, Kevin Matthew and CRABTREE, Elizabeth Nicole
MONTES, Ishmael Valdivia and AVILA OBREGON, Elena Ivette
MUZZIN, Angelo and PIOTROWSKI, Sandra Jane
MYERS, Troy Bagwell and CARPENTER, Lynn Button
NELSON, Drew Layne and MINDEN, Cortney Jean
NELSON, Scott Keith and SMITH, Erin Susan
NGUYEN, Tan Huu and TRAN, Bao-Tram Thi
NIENHUSER, Rafael Armando and GARLAND, Kelli Diane
NILSSON, Morgan Vogel and WOLF, Amanda Yuriko
NOBLES, David William and BUSCH, Jennifer Sue
NUSSBAUM, Benjamin Jacob and KECK, Rebecca Erin
ORMOND, Douglas Wayne and KEITH, Jessica Joy
OSBORNE, Joseph Evan and LAZURE, Megan Marie
PARADIS, John and CHOW, Wai Ling
PAYNE, Edward Christopher and SINCOCK, Carrie Lorene
PELTIER, Adam Reynold and SMITH, Audrey Jolene
PETTERSON, Alexander Lewis and REESE, Emily Marie
PFARR, Kyle Allan and EPLEY, Sarah Reanne
PIERCE, Rodney Wayne and BURTON-BLOOMFIELD, Gale Ellen
POOL, Casey Danielle and HANNEMAN, Dereck Scott
PRISYAZHNYUK, Arten Viktorovich and STRASHNENKO, Irina Eduardovna
RAFNAN, Christopher Randyn and PONO, Cheryl De-Mesa
RAMOS RODRIGUEZ, Adrian Israel and ADAMECZ, Katie Lynn
SANNEH, Lamin Lang Kebba and SONKO, Mariama
SCHULE, Shyla Marie and KING, Donald John
SHATTUCK, Brett Alan and Dossa Soraya Alnoor
SHIRDAVANI, Aran Mohammed and MOOREHEAD, Cara Lynn
SHRAUNER, Gary Allen and WARREN, Pamela Ann
SKINNER, Brandon Camet and COBIAN, Veronica Mae
SKOU, Eric James and ALCOCER-VELDEZ, Marissa Zenna
SLEEPER, Collin Eugene and SLAWTER, Brooklyn Elizabeth Morrisette
SOLOMON, Brandon Greggory and UBERTI, Ann Marie
SOMPHANE, Oleg Chommavong and PARENT, Sarah Lynn
SPENCER, Richard William and SHOOP, Rachel Marie
STEPHENSON, Kevin John and HAGGERTY, Tena Marie
STEVENS, Thomas James and OSNESS, Amy Lea
STIEFEL, Matthew Robert and SOLBAKKEN, Kelly Patricia
STOCKERT, Justin Timothy and CARRIGAN, Nicole Rae
STRAND, Jason Robert and COULDRY, Nicole Teresa
STRIEGEL, Scott Allen and HALLERAN, Taryn Marie
Sullivan, Peter Daniel and WROBLE, Michelle Yvonne
TAUSEN, Michael Andrew and LOUTSIS, Tova Kristin
TAYLOR, Michael Alan and SCHAPER, Kristina Louise
TORRENCE, David Allen and GRAY, Amanda Joelle
TOY, Stephen Gregory and ANTTILA, Jennifer Ann
VANDER-HELM, Michael John and PARKER, Stephanie Lynne
VASQUEZ, Milton Cristobal and HEMLEY, Toree Kianna
VOLOSHIN, Rostislav Ivanovich and BOCHARNIKOVA, Viktoriya Pavlovna
WARD, Gare Gene and COCHRAN, Cherie Crystal Grace
WARD, Jonathon Dean and PARKER, Jennifer Michelle
WEBSTER, Kenneth Lee and ANDERSON, Toni Beth
WELSH, Brandon William and GRAAFSTRA, Erin Eileen
WERNER, Kyle Jay and EMERY, Melissa Anne
WESTMILLER, Timothy Quinn and SCHULLER, Kendra Christine
WHITE, Joshua Jake and DAVIS, Brittany Anne
WIDGER, Clayton Ray and CROSS, Nicole Ann
WILLIAMS, Daniel Charles and BARUCH, Carol Lynn
WRIGHT, Jeffrey Michael and MONAHAN, Melissa Jane
ZANDERS, Gerald Harry, Jr. and LONZAGA, Cristal
ANNEN, Jeff and Jeannie
BALBOA, Archie and Rhoda
BERRY, Jeffrey and Brenda
BONNER, Charles and Sarah
BRANNOBN, Kevin and Kattrina
BRENNAN, Scott and Cameo
BROWN, Robert and Galina
BUFFETT, Chad and Monique
CAMPBELL, Anthony and LOE, Laurin
COVEY, Dario and Denise
DAVIS, James and Suzanne
DEGROSS, Mark and Tamaraja
DELONG, Harry and Jennifer
DUNCAN, David and Lori
FELICIANO, Philip and Mayanne
FERDINAND, Terrance and JOHNSON, Tyeatha
GREEN, Robert and Janet
GROSVENOR, Kurt and Carol
HARNSBERRY, Ondrey and Danielle
HOPP, Kevin and Nichle
HUOT, Robert and HAN, Jeanine
INGRAM, Louis and Patricia
JAMES, Kevin and Denise
JENKINS, Michael and Heather
KIRK, Scott and WILLETTE, Megan
LAY, Douglas and Erin
LEFLEY, Steven and Peggy
LONG, Jeremy and Rochelle
MAIR, Alan and Shirley
MAISTROV, Igor and Valentina
MIURA, Eduardo Lopes and CHAN, Lok Lam
NARUSZEWICZ, Eric and Lara
PATCH, Duane and Lenda
PIETRZAK, Krzysztof and SONG, Kyungwha
PIPER, Kelly and Elsie
RANGEL-GOMEZ, Jose and GOMEZ, Aracely
ROSS, Warren and PRICE, Dacia
RUSSELL, Leroy and HUNTER, Tamara
SCHMIDT, William and Lisa
SCHULZE, Edgar Jr. and Cindy
SMITH, Douglas and Lorna
SNYDER, Christopher and Kristen
SWAN, Robert and Jamey
THOMAS, Patrick Jr. and Amanda
TURPIN, Jerry and Debra
WALDEN, Willie Jr. and Brittney
WALKER, Michael and Angela
WEINER, David and Aimee
WHITE, Michael and Evelyn
WHITESIDE, Kevin and Debra
YOUNG, Byun and KIM, Susana
June 23: Renfro, Mary, 79, Lynnwood
July 2: Verzosa, Tancredo, 85, Mountlake Terrace
July 2: Schepman, Stuart, 47, Edmonds
July 4: Carman, Mark, 56, Everett
July 4: Ligon, Stephen, 63, Everett
July 5: See, Darlene, 80, Bothell
July 5: Scott, Merle, 85, Edmonds
July 5: Short, Elizabeth, 62, Edmonds
July 5: Hebert, David, 57, Everett
July 6: Zimmerman, Elwin, 82, Everett
July 6: Kritsis, Jess, 90, Lynnwood
July 6: Champagne, Shirley, 69, Marysville
July 6: Johnston, Catherine, 97, Lynnwood
July 7: Emmick, Judy, 68, Everett
July 7: Danchuk, William, 82, Everett
July 7: Walker, Forrest, 87, Snohomish
July 7: Peeples, Jean, 91, Bothell
July 7: Olson, Lennart, 60, Edmonds
July 7: Smith, Frederick, 74, Lynnwood
July 8: Cooper, Jenica, 27, Marysville
July 8: Christesson, Natalie, 82, Everett
July 8: Kamacho, John, 89, Lynnwood
July 8: Gaines, Robert, 78, Snohomish
July 8: Melville, Joan, 80, Everett
July 9: Jones, Donald, 37, Everett
July 9: Kier, Daniel 37, Snohomish
July 9: Von Mosch, Charlotte, 77, Everett
July 9: Todoroff, Donald, 69, Everett
July 9: Wilmart, Robert, 90, Edmonds
July 9: Simmons, Ida, 81, Lynnwood
July 9: Olsen, Borghild, 86, Marysville
July 10: Carlin, Elizabeth, 67, Oak Harbor
July 10: Flodin, Carolyn, 81, Everett
July 10: Goodwin, Marjorie, 85, Everett
July 10: Rowley, Herbert, 69, Granite Falls
July 10: Qual, Brenda, 52, Arlington
July 10: Gulick John, 78, Snohomish
July 11: Baker, LaNeve, 93, Stanwood
July 11: Mrsic, Domin, 83, Lake Stevens
July 11: Henry, Kenneth, 90, Everett
July 11: Stanton, Barbara, 92, Edmonds
July 11: Ahles, Anthony, 72, Granite Falls
July 11: Simons, Diane, 85, Everett
July 11: Beadle, Ricky, 51, Lynnwood
July 12: Stafford, Avery, 90, Everett
July 12: Gabrey, Gerald, 76, Lake Stevens
July 12: Caudle, Todd, 49, Everett
July 12: Fillerup, Richard, 61, Edmonds
July 12: Briscoe, Bryan, 49, Edmonds
July 12: Atchison Sr, Steven, 58, Everett
July 12: Rieger, Albert, 90, Everett
July 13: Fox, Leslie, 78, Edmonds
July 13: Bergstrom, Allan, 54, Everett
July 14: Brownlee, Freda, 81, Edmonds
July 14: Bloom, Sally, 82, Everett
July 14: Zhang, Jian, 86, Lynnwood
July 14: Bee, Richard, 85, Everett
July 16: Berg, Minnie, 80, Everett
July 16: Johnstone, Penelope, 71, Everett
July 16: Mayer, Richard, 66, Everett
July 16: Park, Kwang, 91, Everett
July 17: Sahadi, Teresa, 81, Mukilteo
Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington
BECK, Heather and Anthony, Arlington, girl, June 23
BERUNL, Ana and LOPEZ FLORES, Gresorio, Arlington, twin girls, June 18
HUNTLEY, Andrea, Lake Stevens, girl, July 9
BRAGER, Lisa, Marysville, boy, July 9
GREENE, Deanna and Scott, Lake Stevens, girl, July 11
WOODBURY, Sarah and Paul, Marysville, boy, July 12
Swedish Edmonds Hospital, Edmonds
OMAN, Guadalupe and Samuel, Lynnwood, boy, June 25
JACKSON, Tameka and John, Lynnwood, girl, June 25
STARR, Danielle and Brian, Mill Creek, boy, June 27
RODRIGUEZ, Elvia and CHAVEZ, Francisco, Lynnwood, girl, June 29
BROOKS, Leslie and Aaron, Snohomish, boy, June 29
LARKIN, Emily and Richard, Lynnwood, boy, June 30
CALAC, Rose and SPINO, Jonathon, Lynnwood, girl, July 1
BUKAYA, Rachel and EDJIGV, Kalkidan, Lynnwood, boy, July 1
PEREZ, Ofelia and AGUINIGA, Ygnacio, Everett, boy, July 1
GETACHEW, Mekdes and ANDENO, Endale, Edmonds, boy, July 2
MANN, Heidi and Karamvir, Shoreline, girl, July 3
WACK, Eden and THOMAS, Joshua, Lynnwood, boy, July 5
AWALE, Azaratou and ARATEME, Akpasso, Shoreline, boy, July 6
BROWN, Monica and MATHEWS, Matt, Edmonds, boy, July 6
DADY, Heather and HOLT, Kyle, Shoreline, boy, July 10
JOHNSON, Vanessa and Arthur, Edmonds, boy, July 12
CERRON, Yahayda and OJEDA, Juan, Bothell, boy, July 17
Providence Birthing Center
Pappas, John and Sarah, Everett, boy, June 19

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