Ellie Krieger

Take 10 minutes to make a salad so harmonious, it sings

You can make this chicory winter salad with roasted grapes as written, or add your own spin.


Oh, what buckwheat can do for these blender crepes

he flour imparts a deeply nutty flavor and dark color.


Are you fishing for something lighter amid holiday feasting?

This sheet-pan dinner of Arctic char, broccolini and edamame is ready in 20 minutes.


This macaroni-lentil soup is comfort food that’s good for you

Hearty, earthy and flavorful, it checks all the soul-warming satisfaction boxes.

These chicken breasts are delightfully stuffed, but they won’t leave you feeling that way

Roasted red peppers, green olives, fresh basil and mozzarella add punchy antipasto flavors.

Shrimp and grits, rendered healthful and Italian? We’re in.

This recipe features a sauce made with olive oil, tomatoes and herbs instead of cheese and cream.

Open your mind, taste buds to yogurt’s world of possibilities

You can globe-hop in the dairy aisle with offerings from France, Australia, Bulgaria and Iceland.

Savory veg bake sumptuous even with tweak

A chili-seasoned dish of red beans, tomatoes, apple, kale and cheese was inspired by a 1977 recipe.

New products that make eating whole grains a whole lot easier

Ellie Krieger’s top picks for new, healthy convenience foods that harness what’s hot with this trend.

The to-go breakfast sandwich that’s outside the box

These Asian-inspired sandwiches feature pickled vegetables, a creamy-spicy sauce and fresh cliantro.

You won’t be able to stop eating this colorful chicken salad

The slaw of bell pepper, cabbage and carrot holds up well overnight in the refrigerator.

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