Ellie Krieger

The to-go breakfast sandwich that’s outside the box

These Asian-inspired sandwiches feature pickled vegetables, a creamy-spicy sauce and fresh cliantro.

You won’t be able to stop eating this colorful chicken salad

The slaw of bell pepper, cabbage and carrot holds up well overnight in the refrigerator.

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You’ll want to put this Sicilian vegetable salad on everything

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Do Italian duo of prosciutto and melon one better — with salad

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This healthy fruit and cheese dessert is unexpectedly luscious

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Nuts play starring role in grilled eggplant and ‘hummus’ dish

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How to make perfect zucchini noodle salad with a spiralizer

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That time I threw a crispy snack on top of my summer salad

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The two-step secret to 20-minute chicken on a stick

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Simple yet irresistible: Scallops that sizzle with a drizzle

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Why you should cook up a batch of this ‘new’ ancient grain

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A good-for-you addition to the lemon-poppy seed continuum

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The rustic French dessert that one-ups a pancake

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