James McCusker

Time is right for a tax cut for corporations and the wealthy

There is little question that the reduction in income taxes will boost the economy.

Be careful when testing job candidates

Managers should be aware that applicant testing is an area of numerous risks to the unwary.

Name-calling and partisanship obscure core economic issue

The debate over the effect of corporate tax reductions triggers the usual shrill rhetoric.

Behavioral economics still requires some development

It promises a better understanding of human decision making and a better economic model.

Electric cars make energy forecasting harder than before

Predictability in governmental regulations would make predicting demand easier.

Professor says public option could lower insurance costs

From an economics perspective, option is preferable to the coercive elements of Obamacare.

Research paper challenges conventional thinking on economics

The paper finds that firms have expanded substantially the margin between marginal cost and price.

Single payer is no panacea for our costly health care system

We must address the cost of health care before designing an insurance system.

Don’t rely just on productivity measurements to value a worker

The controversies swirling around the productivity data at the national level are not really a concern for individual businesses. Owners and managers can still make… Continue reading

Tax cut is good idea, but don’t make it retroactive

Deficit financing of stimulus would be a smart thing to do if our economy needed it, but it’s not clear that it does.

The importance of customer satisfaction can’t be overstated

In the beginning of the 1947 movie “Miracle on 34th Street,” Kris Kringle finds himself first playing Santa in the Macy’s Parade and then playing… Continue reading

Robust economy needs a coordinated monetary, fiscal policy

When central bankers from around the world met in Aspen, Colorado, last week, one question kept dogging them: was monetary policy played out? If so,… Continue reading

Congress should raise debt ceiling — and then scrap it

A friend of mine refers to Congress’s periodic debt crisis displays as “political Kabuki.” It is a pretty accurate metaphor. The current timeline calculated by… Continue reading

Service economy makes productivity harder to measure

It seems so simple. Every student in Economics 101 memorizes “productivity is equal to the output per unit of input” before the quiz. What could… Continue reading

How the power of belief can motivate

James O. Hornfischer’s bestseller, “The Last Stand of The Tin Can Sailors,” describes the ships and the men who sailed them into battle…and almost certain… Continue reading

New round of sub-prime lending not a big worry — yet

Subprime loans played a major role in the market meltdown that plunged us all into the Great Recession. Now that kind of lending is coming… Continue reading

Dems, GOP offer up stark differences in economic planning

For all of its celebrated fog, economics can sometimes bring crystal-like clarity to a policy issue. It did just that in the case of the… Continue reading

Differences between Trump, CBO forecasts don’t justify sniping

The ancient Greek gods used to amuse themselves sometimes by such things as testing men with difficult tasks or simply tormenting them with mischief, riddles… Continue reading

Health care reform can’t happen without cost control

Editor’s note: Following his recovery from an illness, long-time Herald columnist James McCusker resumes his weekly column. What do you get if you create an… Continue reading