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Susan Wise Bauer speaks about her new book “Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child’s Education” to parents, staff and kids during a talk at Edmonds Heights K-12. (Andy Bronson / The Herald)

Susan Wise Bauer shares what parents can learn from history

The education advocate wrote the definitive book on homeschooling from the classical perspective.


A school guide for kids who color outside of the lines

In her new book, homeschool advocate Susan Wise Bauer empowers parents to put children first.


No matter what you wear, school meetings are never comfortable

Jennifer Bardsley planned her whole outfit, right down to her underwear, to try to stay comfy.


From Jasper to Banff: A Canadian adventure in an RV

Jennifer Bardsley plans to take her family on two-week roadtrip through Canada in a tent trailer.

Living the suite life: A story of luck, love and legends

Jennifer Bardsley got a much better deal than she bargained for when booking a hotel room.

Pneumonia is the pits, but modern medicine helps

Before she got pneumonia, Jenny Bardsley thought it only happened to elderly people.

Greet routine with a smile: Another ordinary extraordinary day

Some of the best days are the ones we don’t notice because we take them for granted.

She deserves it: Give Mom the gift of TLC this Christmas

If someone you loved was sick, would you make them wait in a cold car on a rainy night for two hours? Would you send… Continue reading

Shopping cart showdown: Which stores have best food prices?

Jennifer Bardsley compares Fred Meyer, PCC, QFC, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, WinCo and Whole Foods offers.

This author is throwing a virtual party for book lovers

Jennifer Bardsley is hosting a Facebook get-together for young-adult book authors and readers.

The future is now: The sweet life of a modern housewife

When Walt Disney imagined Tomorrow Land, he probably pictured Jennifer Bardsley in her living room.

Raise your hand if your Christmas tree has fallen over

Columnist Jenny Bardsley shares an after-Thanksgiving story that might sound like one of yours.

Don’t get scammed: Think before you click on email links

An email that was supposedly from iTunes is a scam that targeted busy parents.

Not Grimm but grim: A weight loss fairy tale involving buckets

The Weight Loss Fairy recently visited columnist Jennifer Bardsley’s house. But don’t be jealous.

Words, words, words: October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

Columnist Jennifer Bardsley shares her thoughts on teaching dyslexic children how to read and write.

Helper or hindrance? New mom’s scorecard for Grandma

or her worst enemy. Who would have thought that a newborn bundle of joy could cause so… Continue reading

Therapy helped ease debilitating pain after injury

Columnist Jennifer Bardsley shares her experiences with complex regional pain syndrome.

Dress for success: Why this writer is proud to wear mom jeans

Now that columnist Jennifer Bardsley is nearing 40, she’s not worried about dressing like a mother.

Free app by Seattle company helps keep families organized

Cozi is a calendar application for your smartphone or tablet that each member of the family can use.

Newfangled cooker isn’t for those with tried and true methods

Columnist Jennifer Bardsley recently succumbed to peer pressure and purchased an Instant Pot.