Jerry Cornfield

State House backs Snohomish County opioid help center

It passed a bill which would put a similar diversion center program in Spokane County.

Statewide drug take back program clears House

A bill was approved to give every community a safe way to dispose of unused medications.

Prominent aerospace analyst will help state with Boeing bid

Richard Aboulafia has been hired to evaluate weaknesses as Washington seeks to host 797 assembly.

650 county residents are just now getting election ballots

A Department of Licensing coding glitch in the “motor-voter” program led to the late delivery.

This is what climate change looks like in the state Senate

Since regaining the majority, Democrats have five noticeable developments on their to-do list.

Senate finds a way to give some of us refunds on car tabs

A committee has a fix to make up for lower Sound Transit fees on license-plate renewals.

State officials are looking for ways to unclog carpool lanes

Ten of 12 stretches of HOV lanes fail to meet state standards for peak-hour flow.

Lawmakers get ready to abide by public record law

State legislators say they support access, but want constituents’ privacy protected.

Ex-lawmaker Scott to take on newly appointed GOP senator

Sen. Keith Wagoner, R-Sedro-Woolley, serves in the 39th Legislative District.

Search for next EdCC president enters final stage

The three finalists will be on campus for interviews in late February.

GOP renews push to reform ‘out of control’ Sound Transit

Republicans want lower taxes and a reorganized transit agency, but Democrats are in the driver’s seat.

Senate approves abortion coverage bill

The legislation now goes to the House for consideration.

5 counties warned state about salmon-farming back in 2012

State officials were unfazed — until last summer’s accidental release of up to 260,000 non-native fish.

Sasquatch might soon be spotted — on state license plates

The elusive cryptid could help raise money for state parks by appearing on specialty plates.

30-year legislator Dick King dies at 83

He crafted the collective bargaining law and created a path to tenure for community college professors.

Senate passes bill banning ‘bump stocks’

The measure now heads to the House, where it stands a good chance of passing.

House passes car tab fees fix, bill goes to Senate

As envisioned, Sound Transit would have to give car owners credits or refunds.

Property owners might get relief from tax they didn’t vote on

Bills would bar Sound Transit from levying its property tax on anything less than a whole parcel.

Q&A: State House speaker on taxes, death penalty, harassment

Democrat Frank Chopp has had the speaker title since 1999, and he says he’s not retiring this year.

Jayme Biendl, 34, was a correctional officer at the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe.

Do we need the death penalty? Testimony split in Olympia

The voter-approved law has been on the books since 1981. The governor has been issuing reprieves.

Jayme Biendl, 34, was a correctional officer at the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe.