Michelle Singletary

Massive Equifax data breach could have a silver lining

The fiasco may prod Congress to pass a law allowing no-cost credit file freezes.

Dreaming of retirement? Don’t forget to plan.

The go-to strategy to encourage people to save for their retirement years has been to frighten them with the numbers. The average cost of retirement… Continue reading

Plan to give regularly, because there is always a need

I’m in awe of the generosity and volunteer efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The need is immediate for tens of thousands of people… Continue reading

Making a dent in student debt

There are two words that can rock people with regret. Just ask them about their “student loans.” Then watch their… Continue reading

Allowing children financial freedom can pay off

I’ve always struggled with how much financial freedom to give my children. I’m a life-long penny-pincher, and I wanted my children to embrace frugality, too.… Continue reading

Racism exacts financial cost on African-American community

Racism has taken a toll on our society in many ways. One of its costs has been the lost economic mobility of generations of minorities.… Continue reading

Take time to harness the power of the pause

It’s the vacation season, a time to get away. Regrettably, many vacationers take their work with them. Some people don’t even take the time off.… Continue reading

Don’t be blindsided during the eclipse

For the first time in nearly a century, on Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse of the sun will be visible in parts of the… Continue reading

How you can protect yourself from the debit card fraudsters

I could hear the panic in her voice, this pastor, who never fears anything. She had simply wanted a free sample of face cream and… Continue reading

‘Free’ offers always carry a price to pay

It was supposed to be a risk-free offer, a chance to sample a skin-care product. But the lure of something free turned into financial frustration… Continue reading

Is there a freeloader living in your home? Set some ground rules

If you’re going to allow a friend or relative to live with you for financial reasons, there needs to be a plan in place before… Continue reading

Can college savings plans be used to buy something else?

When it comes to tax-advantaged investment funds, the rules about withdrawing the money can leave people confused. In a recent column, I debunked five myths… Continue reading

Are you responsible for financially irresponsible parents?

What responsibility do you have to take care of financially irresponsible parents in their old age? This is a question I get quite often. I… Continue reading

New retirement rule may not prevent bad advice

You don’t have to take the advice of your financial adviser. I need to say this because, already, some investment professionals are scaring clients into… Continue reading

A millennial’s refreshing perspective on personal finance

Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to how they handle their money. They are ridiculed for moving back home after college. They are… Continue reading

New rule on retirement savings is in your best interest

Investors are about to get some major help in determining which financial advisers are working in their best interest. After a long battle, which still… Continue reading

The class of 2017 still has more to learn about student loans

After all their hard work, the college class of 2017 is finally enjoying the real world and all its “perks,” including having to pay back… Continue reading

Millennials moving in doesn’t signal financial failure

There’s a lot of debate about how to teach children to become financially responsible adults. Should you give them an allowance? What a about paying… Continue reading

Debunking 5 myths about 529 college savings plans

Even though it’s been around for 21 years, many people still don’t know what a 529 plan is. Seven out of 10 Americans couldn’t identity… Continue reading

Like the Tinman, Trump’s budget proposal has no heart

Apparently the Trump administration wants to balance the federal budget in part on the backs of the poor, the sick and the marginalized. In the… Continue reading