Michelle Singletary

Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t afford a holiday visit

You might say, “I really wanted to come. It’s just not in my budget.”

Will consumer watchdog become lapdog for financial industry?

We can count on President Trump to fill the vacancy with someone friendly to the financial industry.

Don’t get paralyzed by open enrollment — just do it

Like doing your taxes or getting a colonoscopy, it’s no fun. But you’ve just got to push through.

Your spending should be painful and not painless

With today’s online tools, it’s harder than ever for folks to make good financial decisions.

GOP tax plan would take away financial lifejacket for seniors

They could lose deduction that covers payments for nursing homes, assisted living or hospital care.

New financial rule for consumers: Ask and you might receive

Readers share stories about how speaking up saved them money.

Flaunting his wealth helped to bring down Paul Manafort

Living too large is often what brings criminals down. Topping the news right now is the indictment of two Trump campaign officials as part of… Continue reading

Contribute as much as you can to your 401(k) — just in case

Tax-reform talks recently included discussions about turning the 401(k) into a Roth IRA.

Beware of these scams on student loan debt relief

Federal regulators handled more than 2,000 complaints about student loan debt collectors.

Learn how to protect your senior citizen friends from fraud

Over two-thirds of caretakers surveyed said that a scammer had targeted their elderly relatives.

What you don’t know about cybersecurity can cost you

The book “Spam Nation” tells a real-life horror story — and how you can protect your family.

October is a spooky month for cybersecurity awareness

The insecurity of our financial information should give everyone the heebie-jeebies.

Be as proactive as possible to protect your data

Even if your information hasn’t been compromised, you should still enroll in the monitoring service.

After the Equifax massive data breach, so many questions

The free monitoring service is worth signing up for, but it won’t fully protect you from fraudsters.

Equifax breach gives us a deeper look into credit bureaus

Cybersecurity experts weigh in on whether you should you freeze or lock your credit file.

Equifax needs to do better in handling data breach

The company may be overwhelmed, but it still needs to do everything it can to protect people.

Massive Equifax data breach could have a silver lining

The fiasco may prod Congress to pass a law allowing no-cost credit file freezes.

Dreaming of retirement? Don’t forget to plan.

The go-to strategy to encourage people to save for their retirement years has been to frighten them with the numbers. The average cost of retirement… Continue reading

Plan to give regularly, because there is always a need

I’m in awe of the generosity and volunteer efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The need is immediate for tens of thousands of people… Continue reading

Making a dent in student debt

There are two words that can rock people with regret. Just ask them about their “student loans.” Then watch their… Continue reading