Robert Horton

Tour New York library with this fly-on-the-wall documentary

“Ex Libris: New York Public Library” by Frederick Wiseman shows us how today’s library system works.

Judi Dench once again portrays the queen in ‘Victoria Abdul’

The new film is drawn from another period in the royal life, years after the events of “Mrs. Brown.”

Tom Cruise revises his ‘Top Gun’ persona in ‘American Made’

The movie star does a little re-branding of his most identifiable role in this based-on-fact film.

‘Friend Request’ a horror flick about the dangers of Facebook

Though it’s a little behind the times, Simon Verhoeven’s film about social media is effectively done.

Ben Stiller was born to play title character in ‘Brad’s Status’

Writer-director Mike White’s script has plenty of Brad’s voiceover, so this movie feels like a novel.

Spy comedy ’Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ is laugh-out-loud funny

It’s a superficial but energetic sequel to the 2014 film about a clandestine British secret service.

Oh, the horrors! ‘mother’ an exhausting carnival of chaos

What is “mother!”? The coy publicity for this non-capitalized movie hasn’t revealed much. Well, it’s a horror movie for sure, although not much like the… Continue reading

‘Rebel in the Rye’: Ham-handed approach hampers Salinger biopic

‘Rebel in the Rye” is not as terrible as its title, so we can say that for it. Given that its subject had a razor-sharp… Continue reading

Fall film preview: The Herald’s movie critic has the lineup

The bubble gum of summer has lost its flavor, which means the fall movie season is brightly packaged, ready to be consumed. This allegedly means… Continue reading

‘Crown Heights’ tells an American nightmare from behind bars

‘Crown Heights” won the Audience Award for Best Dramatic Feature at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. That’s a pretty good call by the audience, given… Continue reading

‘Trip to Spain’ funniest yet of the traveling comedy series

“You Light Up My Life” was the 1977 victor — and the category… Continue reading

‘Unlocked’: Noomi Rapace the draw for a standard spy movie

Safe houses, surveillance toys, a mole in the system who must be identified. “Unlocked” runs through the usual spy-movie checklist. That’s not a terrible thing.… Continue reading

Robert Pattinson is strong, but ‘Good Time’ is anything but

Future teen heartthrobs seeking to change their images would do well to consider the example of Robert Pattinson. Cast in the first “Twilight” movie in… Continue reading

We’ve got one word for this lame ‘Graduate’ wannabe: Plastic

“The Graduate” is 50 years old and deservedly a classic movie. Periodically somebody comes along and decides they really, really want to make a “Graduate”… Continue reading

R-rated action comedy ‘Hitman’s Bodyguard’ entertains in right ways

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” has perhaps the best running gag about seat-belt use in recent memory. This may sound like a small achievement, but it does… Continue reading

Steven Soderbergh returns with clever, funny ‘Logan Lucky’

The Logan brothers list off their family’s dismal relationship to luck, ticking through some of the calamities that have befallen the clan. One piece of… Continue reading

A modern Western, ‘Wind River’ crackles with memorable dialogue

I’m not sure when the phrase “the dialogue sounds written” became a put-down when we talk about movies. It’s good that people are hip to… Continue reading

Woody Harrelson brilliantly manic in his ‘Glass Castle’ role

When you’re a kid and your father stares into a campfire, pointing out the place where flames vanish into air, and he talks about existing… Continue reading

‘The Dark Tower’ is a truncated, turgid flop

I enjoy a Stephen King book as much as the next reader, but I’ve never delved into his “Dark Tower” fantasy series. Eight novels that… Continue reading

‘Kidnap’ puts Halle Berry — a mom in sneakers — in the driver’s seat

The new Halle Berry vehicle “Kidnap” is trashy exploitation, an overcooked potboiler with many logical problems. I hereby confess I kind of enjoyed it. Berry… Continue reading