Robert Horton

5th ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ watches like a Disneyland ride

Almost everything worth anything in the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie is geared toward spectacle. You want to see ghost sharks? We have great… Continue reading

‘Baywatch’ a self-parody with tepid jokes of lifeguard TV show

In the first 10 minutes of the “Baywatch” movie there’s a scene where swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach does the Heimlich maneuver on a beach nerd… Continue reading

‘Alien: Covenant’ adds to the series’ toll of astronaut deaths

Michael Fassbender plays two roles in “Alien: Covenant,” so he’s onscreen for at least half the film. Whenever he is, the movie cruises along in… Continue reading

Debra Winger a welcome presence in offbeat film ‘The Lovers’

Could anyone match Debra Winger back in the day? From 1980’s “Urban Cowboy” to 1990’s “The Sheltering Sky,” was there another actress as vivid on… Continue reading

Rule of thumb for this year’s SIFF: The crazier the better

At some point the numbers are overwhelming. This is the 43rd annual Seattle International Film Festival, a marathon that lasts 25 days across 15 venues… Continue reading

‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ doesn’t cut it

It’s easy to pick on something like a celebrity cameo to measure a movie’s hollowness. So if I tell you that soccer-god-turned-style-icon David Beckham pops… Continue reading

Black comedy ‘Snatched’ a waste of Goldie Hawn’s talents

‘You are a very gifted murderer,” says mother to daughter, with sincerity. Mom has been searching for something nice to say about her child, so… Continue reading

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ fun sequel for faithful fans

There’s a sequence in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” in which Baby Groot is told to perform a simple task. No matter how explicit… Continue reading

Emily Dickinson biopic ‘A Quiet Passion’ peculiar yet powerful

A biopic of Emily Dickinson sounds like a terrible idea, and it probably would be if it unfolded along conventional lines. But what if it… Continue reading

Tangled storytelling in ‘The Dinner’ works against itself

Tonight’s courses will include locally-sourced organic carrots with balsamic glaze, line-caught steelhead and Bananas Foster. Side dishes include guilt, hatred and moral evasion. “The Dinner”… Continue reading

‘Voice from the Stone’ both sluggish and overacted

You get to your new live-in job, and a few things jump out at you. A room full of taxidermy birds. A flooded quarry nearby.… Continue reading

Sequels and remakes galore: Horton’s preview of summer movies

the sequel — stubbed its toe. Remember “Zoolander 2,” “Bad Santa 2,” “Alice Through the… Continue reading

‘The Promise’ is an old-school historical epic with a pulse

It is neither fast nor furious, so why is a stodgy, old-school historical epic like “The Promise” opening wide? Mostly because a billionaire, Kirk Kerkorian,… Continue reading

Absurdity of violence in ‘Free Fire’ is laughable

Roughly 90 percent of “Free Fire” is set inside a rundown warehouse, the location for a big shoot-out between warring outlaw factions. It’s as though… Continue reading

Explorer film ‘The Lost City of Z’ casts a jungle-like spell

‘Mankind awaits our discoveries!” It takes a certain amount of arrogance to make that claim, which is why movies about explorers tend to be driven… Continue reading

‘The Fate of the Furious’ a daytime soap opera with car chases

If you are familiar with the “Fast and Furious” franchise, it will come as no surprise that the climax of the new one involves a… Continue reading

Story of girl genius in ‘Gifted’ pulls at heartstrings

If there were as many kid geniuses in real life as there are in the movies, the world would not lack for future brainpower. Apparently… Continue reading

Wacky ‘Colossal’ mixes indie and monster movie genres

The big concept within Nacho Vigalondo’s “Colossal” is clever enough that the movie might’ve rested on that alone. I mean, I can’t remember the last… Continue reading

Even with 3 Oscar winners, ‘Going in Style’ remake is bland

or at least that’s the plan. On the day of the… Continue reading

‘The Assignment’ is a messy slice of B-movie pulp fiction

I interviewed director Walter Hill during the release of his less applauded efforts, the 1988 action-comedy “Red Heat.” That profitable movie paired Arnold Schwarzenegger, as… Continue reading