Robert Horton

‘Fist Fight’ bashes its single joke for 91 uninspired minutes

The promised spectacle of two teachers planning a brawl is actually the least of the problems for the high school depicted in “Fist Fight.” The… Continue reading

‘Son of Joseph’ has soulful approach to movies

It is always exciting when a filmmaker comes out of nowhere with a fully formed and distinctively new way of seeing the world. It adds… Continue reading

Artistry of ‘The Red Turtle’ overcomes woo-woo story line

Having a Best Animated Feature category at the Academy Awards has brought attention to some truly offbeat movies. It’s been a particular boon to foreign… Continue reading

China’s wall may be great, but the movie starring Matt Damon is generic

The opening titles of “The Great Wall” pose the question of why the boundary was built across 5,500 miles of China all those years ago.… Continue reading

Anti-biopic ‘Neruda’ plays a twisted game

Director Pablo Larrain has described his film “Neruda” as an anti-biopic, and that sounds right. Although its title announces that this movie is somehow about… Continue reading

Daryl Davis documentary disrobes racism in America

not yet a big star — plays a disgruntled factory worker.… Continue reading

Hit man John Wick is back in an absurdly violent sequel

He once killed three men in a bar with a pencil. Yes, that’s right, there’s another John Wick movie. The bloody delights of 2014’s “John… Continue reading

Oscar-nominated comedy ‘Toni Erdmann’ is truly wild

Movie comedy lacks a wild streak. We get funny films occasionally, and certainly there are performers who can get nutsy in short spurts (as Melissa… Continue reading

De Niro in ‘Comedian’ has no funny bone

At awards shows the presenters are forever trying to make scripted banter funny. The results are usually painful. There are exceptions. If you watched this… Continue reading

Baldwin biopic on race in America is spellbinding

“Public intellectuals,” as a species, once roamed the American airwaves. If you flipped on a talk show in 1963 or 1971, you might easily have… Continue reading

Mars movie ‘Space Between Us’ lacks gravity

It’s a pun, see, the title of this movie, because “The Space Between Us” is about a teenager who actually is in space. That’s a… Continue reading

Sandy Hook survivors turn to Shakespeare in ‘Midsummer’

When a teacher asks a child where she goes to school, and the child cheerfully answers, “Sandy Hook,” we are reminded that childhood is complicated… Continue reading

‘A Dog’s Purpose’: Have tissues at the ready for this tale

Having recently made my reservations about talking-dog movies a public issue, it is with a sigh of reality that I report on the arrival of… Continue reading

‘All Governments Lie’ contrasts today’s press with I.F. Stone

It takes years, usually, to create documentaries, and filmmakers can’t possibly predict what the world will be like when their movie actually gets released. Sometimes… Continue reading

‘Julieta’ has touch of master filmmaker Pedro Almodovar’s hand

He is now 68 years old, but in recent years Pedro Almodovar hasn’t been making films like an old master. His astonishing “The Skin I… Continue reading

Matthew McConaughey’s performance doesn’t glitter in ‘Gold’

The deal with Matthew McConaughey is, when his gung-ho approach to acting is channeled into a strong character and moderated by a smart director, he’s… Continue reading

‘20th Century Women’ too clever for its own good

There’s a talking dog in “Beginners,” the 2010 movie that won Christopher Plummer a supporting actor Oscar. To be precise, the dog speaks in subtitles,… Continue reading

‘Split’ proves Shyamalan still has a knack for thrillers

Back in the heyday of “The Sixth Sense” and “Signs,” writer-director M. Night Shyamalan had no shortage of twist endings. Maybe one too many. Shyamalan… Continue reading

McDonald’s movie ‘Founder’ has no bite

the man who made McDonald’s into the Godzilla of the restaurant world — was energetic, slick, fast-talking and… Continue reading

‘Live by Night’ has way too much going on

If “Live by Night” were as well-written as it is well-designed, it might achieve classic status. Alas, this handsome movie is a stiff. Maybe it… Continue reading