Robert Horton

‘Voice from the Stone’ both sluggish and overacted

You get to your new live-in job, and a few things jump out at you. A room full of taxidermy birds. A flooded quarry nearby.… Continue reading

Sequels and remakes galore: Horton’s preview of summer movies

the sequel — stubbed its toe. Remember “Zoolander 2,” “Bad Santa 2,” “Alice Through the… Continue reading

‘The Promise’ is an old-school historical epic with a pulse

It is neither fast nor furious, so why is a stodgy, old-school historical epic like “The Promise” opening wide? Mostly because a billionaire, Kirk Kerkorian,… Continue reading

Absurdity of violence in ‘Free Fire’ is laughable

Roughly 90 percent of “Free Fire” is set inside a rundown warehouse, the location for a big shoot-out between warring outlaw factions. It’s as though… Continue reading

Explorer film ‘The Lost City of Z’ casts a jungle-like spell

‘Mankind awaits our discoveries!” It takes a certain amount of arrogance to make that claim, which is why movies about explorers tend to be driven… Continue reading

‘The Fate of the Furious’ a daytime soap opera with car chases

If you are familiar with the “Fast and Furious” franchise, it will come as no surprise that the climax of the new one involves a… Continue reading

Story of girl genius in ‘Gifted’ pulls at heartstrings

If there were as many kid geniuses in real life as there are in the movies, the world would not lack for future brainpower. Apparently… Continue reading

Wacky ‘Colossal’ mixes indie and monster movie genres

The big concept within Nacho Vigalondo’s “Colossal” is clever enough that the movie might’ve rested on that alone. I mean, I can’t remember the last… Continue reading

Even with 3 Oscar winners, ‘Going in Style’ remake is bland

or at least that’s the plan. On the day of the… Continue reading

‘The Assignment’ is a messy slice of B-movie pulp fiction

I interviewed director Walter Hill during the release of his less applauded efforts, the 1988 action-comedy “Red Heat.” That profitable movie paired Arnold Schwarzenegger, as… Continue reading

‘Raw’ a blood-soaked tale of collegiate cannibalism

The last time I had a barf bag handed to me in a movie theater was for a University of Washington screening of George Romero’s… Continue reading

Alec Baldwin as ‘The Boss Baby’ provides diaperful of jokes

He wears a suit and tie. He orders espresso and sushi. He is 2 weeks old. You didn’t see that last part coming, did you?… Continue reading

The people – not the animals – bring ‘Zookeeper’ to life

Diane Ackerman’s nonfiction book “The Zookeeper’s Wife” chronicles the remarkable World War II story about a Warsaw couple who arranged safety for more than 300… Continue reading

‘Life’ is a breathless example of alien sci-fi horror

“I like the hum up here,” says an astronaut, a poetic type who’s been at the space station for a year and a half. He… Continue reading

‘Trainspotting’ sequel a series of wicked shocks

Danny Boyle loves his bag of tricks: the split-second cuts and the techno-pop and the crazy, strobing lightshow. Like a director of TV commercials who… Continue reading

Woody Harrelson’s ‘Wilson’ more cute than cringe-worthy

If you’d been watching “Cheers” in the late 1980s and declared that 30 years in the future Woody Harrelson would be one of the most… Continue reading

‘Personal shopper’ is an intriguing blend of somber and suspenseful

Kristen Stewart glides between two different types of movies in “Personal Shopper.” Neither works on its own, exactly, and the two types almost seem to… Continue reading

Live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ missing spark of the original classic

The pre-publicity for Disney’s live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” might have revolved around any number of subjects: Why make a live-action re-do of… Continue reading

Nutty ‘Kong: Skull Island’ reboots entertaining monster-movie series

When it’s all totaled up, how much of our lives will we spend watching movie end-credits sequences in hopes of seeing a “stinger” at the… Continue reading

Oscar nominee ‘My Life as a Zucchini’ follows orphan’s adventures

The winners of the Best Animated Feature Oscar tend to be the big hits of the year: “Inside Out” and “Frozen” received Academy gold in… Continue reading