Air China orders five Boeing 747s

Michelle Dunlop Herald Writer

The 747’s order drought is over.

The Boeing Co. added a request from Air China for five 747-8s to its order tally Thursday.

The Chicago-based jet maker hadn’t won an order for the revitalized jumbo jet since last summer.

Air China committed to the 747-8 at last summer’s Paris Air Show. But the airline didn’t finalize the deal until this month.

Boeing’s 747-8 isn’t the only jumbo hurting for orders. This Bloomberg News story from the Berlin Air Show looks at the lack of sales for Airbus’ A380 as well as Boeing’s 747.

Boeing’s 747 hasn’t enjoyed a double-digit orders year since 2007. Company officials have said they have several order campaigns for the 747-8 and believed Boeing would win more orders when the 747-8 passenger plane, or Intercontinental, entered service.

Last Friday, the Seattle Times had this story about the original 747 jet, which is languishing in Seattle. In 2006, Joe Sutter, the man known as the “father” of the 747, talked about that aircraft in this story.