As year closes, workers burn sick days

If you plan to use the last of your 2011 sick days before the end of the year — even if you’re not really under the weather — you might not be alone.

Companies that track employee time off and other worker issues say sick-day use among those who aren’t sick is on the rise.

From 2006 to 2010, the Workforce Institute at Kronos, a human resources policy group, found an 18 percent increase among workers who admitted to taking a sick day when they weren’t really sick. And a 2007 survey by human resources consultant CCH found that two-thirds of U.S. employees who called in sick at the last minute actually weren’t.

But employees aren’t just ditching work.

Increasingly, they use sick days to tend to the needs of children and older relatives because their employers do not allow sick leave for family care, staffing professionals say.

McClatchy News Service