Coloradans are paid to reduce weight

Insurance company Kaiser Permanente Colorado is offering cash to Coloradans to lose weight and keep it off.

Companies have been making similar offers to their employees for years as a way to reduce obesity in the workplace and lower health costs, but Kaiser is taking it one step further and making the offer to any adult in Colorado. It’s one of the first programs in the nation to make such an offer to all adults. Participants in the “Weigh and Win” program earn anywhere from $15 to $150 every three months to lose weight and keep it off.

Twelve kiosks with scales and video cameras are located in medical facilities, recreation centers, libraries throughout the state. The insurer is spending $500,000 to jump start the program, which it hopes will eventually be funded by the cities and other health care groups. Kaiser hopes to expand Weigh and Win by adding 10 kiosks next year.

Associated Press