Coupon clipping is back

Amy Rolph

Good news, scissor fans. Coupon clipping is back in style.

That’s what my colleague Michelle Dunlop reported in a story posted online today. She writes that the trend is mostly due to retailers responding to consumer demand for better deals.

But we’re not just talking about the kind of coupons that fall out of your newspaper every Sunday morning — the ones that are slick and shiny and fit nicely in your wallet. / CC BY 2.0

You’re just as likely to come across a coupon on your iPhone, via Twitter or on a favorite store’s Web site.

The coupon craze seems to have found a way into shoppers’ hearts this year. Michelle writes that a holiday shopping survey conducted by consulting firm Deloitte revealed that 44 percent of respondents plan to use a coupon from an online source.

And about 40 percent of shoppers who participated in a National Retail Federation survey earlier this year said coupons would influence where they shop.

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