Edmonds businesses take green pledge

The Herald Business Journal

EDMONDS — Several businesses took the city’s Green Business Pledge to raise environmental awareness, become more energy-efficient and increase recycling.

Now, the city of Edmonds is looking for more. Businesses that pledge to become environmentally responsible get a Green Business Pledge emblem to put on their storefront and are recognized on the city’s website.

In the first round, businesses that took the pledge were: Gallery North; Merri Lee Jacobs, psychologist; Landau Associates; Walnut Street Coffee; Cheesemonger’s Table.

The city of Edmonds Public Works Department also took the pledge.

As part of the pledge, the city suggests that businesses do any number of actions to become more environmentally friendly. Those include:

Replace disposable flatware and tableware with reusable items;

Recycle cardboard, newspapers, paper, plastic bottles;

Buy items with recycled content;

Use double-sided printer settings;

Use weatherstripping and caulking to seal windows and doors;

Replace incandescent bulbs with efficient LED lighting;

Plug equipment into a time switch to turn off after working hours;

Replace toxic products with safe and healthier alternatives.

The second round of pledges will close June 30. To pledge, go to greenbusiness.edmondswa.gov and fill out the pledge