Governor dissolves one of many aerospace panels

By Jerry Cornfield Herald Writer

Gov. Chris Gregoire on Thursday abolished one of the state’s many aerospace-boosting groups. The Washington Council on Aerospace, which she created in 2009, has accomplished its mission of laying a foundation to ensure a healthy aerospace industry in the state for years to come, she said.

Gregoire issued an executive order disbanding the panel and redistributing its duties to the governor’s Office of Aerospace, the Aerospace Workforce Pipeline Committee, the Joint Center for Aerospace Innovation and the Washington Aerospace Partnership.

The council included representatives of industry, labor, higher education, workforce training and the Legislature. It recommended ways to improve education and training of aerospace workers as well as aiding the hundreds of aerospace suppliers in the state.

“Three years after the council convened, everybody involved agrees that the council has served its purpose in helping to create new, more focused efforts, and now it is time to disband,” she said in a statement.

Also Wednesday, Gregoire announced that the 2014 Aerospace and Defense Suppliers Summit will be held March 10-12 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle. This year’s inaugural also was held in Seattle.

Gregoire made the announcements at the annual Governor’s Aerospace Summit in Spokane.