Reports: Airbus considers A330 upgrade

Michelle Dunlop Herald Writer

Airbus is pondering an upgrade for its A330 jet.

France’s La Tribune newspaper reported Monday morning that Airbus wants to increase the range of its A330 in order to challenge the Boeing Co.’s 777 and 787 jets.

The European company will make a decision in the second half of 2012, reports Reuters.

Earlier this month, Airbus said it had reached an all-time high production rate on its A330 at nine aircraft monthly. It plans to continue its rate ramp-up to 9.5 jets monthly.

Boeing previously has said it might look at upgrades to its 777 but is waiting to see what Airbus does with its new A350-1000. And the Chicago-based company has discussed a larger version of its 787, the 787-10.