Simple errors in contact information can mar resume

Procrastination poses a significant challenge for many job hunters. If given the chance, it can interrupt the most diligent, focused job search despite the ache of unemployment, the fear of a pending layoff or the motivation to land a position in a new field.

I’m not sure why procrastination has so much power, but I have watched it steal the reigns away from plenty of unsuspecting job seekers. Believe me. It may have a reputation for inactivity, but this heartless beast has the momentum to drive your job search off a cliff.

What invites procrastination to enter the scene? It’s different for everyone, but some professionals drag their feet when they feel nervous or uncertain about their finances or career direction. Also, unanswered questions can serve as a barrier to a successful job hunt, which is why I try to provide insight into various aspects of job seeking. Not just the tangled, complex issues that have the potential to uproot a person’s life. But the casual, less-critical topics as well.

Today, let’s keep it light and tackle a few questions about the very top of your resume — your contact information. The following inquiries have crossed my desk in recent months:

Question: I run my job search on the Internet. Is it necessary to include a street address on my resume?

Answer: In my opinion, there are only two reasons to list your full address on an online resume. First, if you are targeting a position with the federal government or another employer that requires this information. Second, if you want the hiring manager to know where you reside for a particular reason, perhaps to show that you live two blocks away and commuting will not be a problem. Otherwise, I strongly suggest that you remove your street address to protect your privacy and security.

Q: I am relocating. Is it OK to use my out-of-state address when contacting employers?

A: In general, it’s better to include a local address. If you don’t have one, add a statement to your cover letter to explain your situation to hiring managers, like this: “While my contact information is still in Boston, I am in the process of relocating to Everett. I expect to be settled in the next two weeks, and I would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss the enthusiasm that I will bring to your team.”

Q: Can I utilize my school, military or work e-mail address?

A: Never use your work e-mail address when seeking outside employment. It can get you fired.

I recommend handling all career-related correspondence through a web-based account. This advice applies to servicemen and women looking for employment outside of the military as well as students entering the workforce. Be sure to create an appropriate e-mail address. Something with your name is usually best.

Q: Should I provide my cellphone number on my resume?

A: If your cellphone battery, phone or transmission are unreliable, don’t use the p. Similarly, if you would be tempted to answer your phone in unsuitable settings (such as the supermarket or doctor’s office), don’t use it. On the other hand, if your cell phone practices are professional and consistent, listing your cellphone number will ensure that you don’t miss an important, job-winning call.

Eve Nicholas:

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