Stations can add more ethanol at fuel pumps

The Obama administration says gas stations can start selling fuel with more ethanol — a mixture of up to 15 percent — but it’s only recommended for cars and light trucks built since 2007. Motorists with older vehicles will need to watch what they’re pumping or risk damaging their engines with too much corn-based fuel, the Environmental Protection Agency says. The current blend is 10 percent ethanol. The move means stations selling the fuel will have to use special pumps and signs for the higher blend.

Apple Inc. shares top $300 for first time

Apple’s shares topped $300 for the first time in the company’s history Wednesday as stellar iPad sales and a planned expansion into China give investors all the assurance the need for the iPhone maker’s already healthy prospects. Shares of Apple Inc. climbed $1.60 to close at $300.14 after peaking at a record $301.96 earlier. This gives Apple a market capitalization of about $273 billion. Apple had long surpassed the scale of tech heavyweights such as Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and IBM.

Boeing paint hangar opens in Spokane

A new hangar will be unveiled today at Spokane International Airport that will allow for the painting of Boeing 737 jetliners. The Associated Painters facility can handle at least two 737s at one time. It was funded through a combination of state economic development funds, airport revenues and local funds.

Louisiana aircraft maker wants pay cut

It was only two years ago that striking machinists at Hawker Beechcraft accepted a hard-fought, three-year labor contract after nearly a month on the picket lines. But that was before a global economic downturn that devastated the aircraft manufacturing industry. And before Louisiana reportedly offered the debt-ridden aircraft maker millions in incentives to lure its 6,000 jobs to Baton Rouge. On Saturday, machinists will vote on a new seven-year contract offer that includes a 10 percent pay cut and other labor concessions. The contract requires a simple majority for approval and there is no strike vote. “This is do or die, if it is turned down the company says they are going to move it,” said union spokesman Bob Wood.

Boeing reassigns former 747 leader

The Boeing Co. has named former 747 leader Mohammed “Mo” Yahyavi as an adviser to suppliers for the commercial airplanes division. Yahyavi most recently served as the manager of the 747-8 program. In August, with the 747-8 facing delays, Boeing’s Pat Shanahan announced that Yahyavi was taking on a special project and that Shanahan would taking a larger role in the management of the 747 program. This week, Boeing disclosed Yahyavi’s new role as vice president and senior adviser for supply chain management and operations for commercial airplanes.

From Herald news services