Welcome to The Herald’s new blog about business

By Chuck Taylor

Welcome to Bizblog, our new stream of general business and technology news. Bizblog replaces The Storefront, which was conceived and cultivated by recently retired business editor Mike Benbow.

With Mike’s departure, we found we had less time to devote to the niche of small business issues and lacked a place to share other kinds of business news we were encountering. With Bizblog, we will continue to post news of interest to small businesses and entrepreneurs, but we’ll also report and share news of commerce in general — from Snohomish County to metropolitan Puget Sound and beyond.

We’ll likely be light on aerospace news. That part of the sky still belongs to Michelle Dunlop’s venerable Aerospace Blog.

Bizblog’s aspirations:

• We’ll have multiple contributors, as with the Herald’s Need to Know blog. You might even see newswire items here occasionally.

• Aggressive aggregation. We’ll be linking to and quoting business reporting by other regional media, including competitors.

• Active solicitation of reader thoughts and story ideas, much the way Debra Smith does with her Inside Everett blog.

Suggestions? Comment below, or drop me a line at ctaylor@heraldnet.com.