2-headed flashlight a handy tool

  • Fri Feb 19th, 2010 5:46pm
  • Life

By Ross Werland Chicago Tribune

Name: HUGlight

What it is: A hands-free, dual-headed LED flashlight

How it works: The U-shaped, bendable HUGlight is extremely adaptable. For example, a camper, hiker or backpacker can hang the light from the neck, with the LED “arms” bent up for better illumination. But it also can be bent around objects or hung from the top of a tent for map study or game playing.

Two AAA batteries power it for as long as 40 hours (the manufacturer says). Each flashlight head has a spotlight bulb and a wide-angle bulb.

They can be lit separately or simultaneously. Easily accessed buttons atop the lights turn them on and also cycle through the brightness options.

The good: This is a superstar among flashlights: bright and quite pliable. The foam covering the bendable spine is comfortable. The light is so bright (50 lumens) for detail work that I could have done brain surgery at a dark campground. I even pulled both ends out to make it a 2-foot stick and twirled it like a baton. So if you need to attract someone’s attention, it’s the next best thing to a signal flare.

The bad: The battery compartment is a little difficult to reattach and the foam covering may not hold up.

Cost: $14.95 plus shipping on the manufacturer’s Web site, more at other sites.

Where to get it: mylight.com.