A double-yummy pie stuffed inside a cake is piecaken

Take this pie and stuff it.

It’s piecaken, a pie stuffed inside of a cake. The dessert version of turducken, a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey.

But in the case of piecaken, unless I’m mistaken, the “n” makes no sense.

For that matter, none of it does.

But piecaken is what’s movin’ and shakin’ on the Internet.

What’s up with that?

Daytime TV and social media catapulted it into food porn fame just in time for Thanksgiving and it’s gearing up for Christmas gluttony. Google “piecaken” or search #piecaken on Twitter or Instagram and you’ll get an eyeful of this gooey, messy Frankenfood.

It goes like this:

First you bake or buy a pie. Then batter up a cake in a spring form pan. Impregnate cake with the pie. Bake. Lather on the frosting or whatever.

There’s no limit to this indigestion imagination. Put a chicken pot pie inside a cornbread cake. A mince-meat pie inside a rum-filled fruitcake. Make it a ménage à trois, a cherry, pumpkin and apple pie trio known as “cherpumple.”

We had piecaken in the Herald newsroom last week. It was the last request of departing ad director Pilar Linares, a transplanted Texan heading back to good ol’ Texas.

Herald creative services manager Lynn Jefferson stepped up to the challenge: She made not one but two ravishing piecakens.

“It’s my first attempt at this gone viral, pancreas-killer craze,” Jefferson said.

She loaded a chocolate cake with a cherry pie and a vanilla cake with an apple pie. Both looked like the holy grail of cakes from the outside. You’d never guess there was a pie inside.

The piecakens were polished off within minutes. What’s not to love about a dessert double feature?


“Similar to chocolate-covered cherries, but then spoiled by a piece of pie crust partway.”

“They were the absolute BOMB.”

“If you like pie more than cake you’ll probably think, meh … but if you like cake I think you’d really like piecaken. That said, I prefer pie.”

“My mouth is confused.”

“It’s a little weird. I prefer to eat them separately.”

“What I liked best was the consistency of the pie crust inside the cake. You bite into the cake and there’s a yummy, thicker crust in there.”

“They should sell these at the recreational pot shops.”

Want to try a piecaken?

The local bakeries I called didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

Look up a recipe and maken-one yourself.

Better yet, just ask Jefferson. She’ll maken-you-two.

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