Be warned: Village Theatre’s ‘Shoulda’ not family material

  • Wed May 16th, 2012 6:50pm
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By Theresa Goffredo Herald Writer

I shoulda told you.

With all the calls and letters I’ve been getting about Village Theatre’s production “It Shoulda Been You,” it’s become quite clear to me that I should have provided a more thorough warning about this new musical.

I should have told readers that the show contains adult material based on a controversial topic and might in fact be offensive to some.

I erred on the side of being cautious because I didn’t want to reveal the plot and be the spoiler. But I erred too much by providing too little.

The success of “It Shoulda Been You” depends critically on the plot twists. So much so that even if you go to the Village Theatre website for a peek at their preview guide you won’t get one.

The message you will read is: “Due to the exciting plot twists of ‘It Shoulda Been You’ the production preview guide for this show will not be posted online.”

The curious can, however, provide an email address and Village will send you a copy.

But I will warn you, like I shoulda at the start, that this is not a G-rated show.

That said, this is certainly a show worth seeing

“It Shoulda Been You” is about a wedding between a Jewish woman and Catholic guy that goes awry. The production comes together splendidly in Act II, which is wild and absolutely entertaining.

That part of what I said in my original review hasn’t changed and I stand by my comments that this new mainstage show has it all: spot-on singing, hilarious dialogue and great acting.

The mothers in this show are both powerhouses with Leslie Law playing Jewish mother Judy Steinberg and Jayne Muirhead as Catholic mom Georgette Howard.

The sister of the bride, who is left in this production to put the pieces back together, is Kat Ramsburg, a stunning performer who brings tears with her moving solos and belly laughs with her one-liners.

So now that you’ve been warned I do hope you stay through the second act. You may be pushed out of your comfort zone but the experience will be worth it.

“It Shoulda Been You” will be presented at 8 tonight and Saturday, 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and 7 p.m. Sunday at Everett Performing Arts Center, 2710 Wetmore Ave., Everett. Tickets are $20 to $56. Call 425-257-8600 or go to

In other stage news: The Everus Theatre in Snohomish is closing.

The theater seems to be saying “au revoir” as opposed to “adios.”

“We are basically saying just farewell for now as we seek out a new location/venue over the next year,” wrote Rustin Klein, Everus Theatre artistic director, in an email.

Klein said the Everus will remain a production company, Everus Productions, as they seek to produce plays, films, literature and music at other venues.

The theater will host a farewell party with a showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at 10 p.m. (doors open at 9 p.m. for the party) Saturday at the Everus, 1910 Bickford Ave., Suite G, Snohomish. Tickets are $10. For more information call 425-583-7615 or go

Rustin Klein, along with his wife, Yvette, opened the Everus Theatre in September to provide locals with entertaining, live community theater, classic movies, music and art shows.

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