‘Beauty and the Beast’ musical playing at Paramount

  • Wed Feb 15th, 2012 3:06pm
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“Beauty and the Beast”: Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is on tour and makes a stop at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre starting Tuesday.

This Tony Award-winning musical follows the fortunes of Belle, a smart, beautiful young woman living in a quiet village in France, pursued by Gaston, the not-so-sharp local heartthrob.

Belle makes an unplanned visit to a nearby castle in search of her missing father and comes across the Beast, a prince whose callousness so enraged an enchantress that she cast a curse on him, turning him into a Beast and all the members of his castle into animated inanimate objects such as a candlestick, a clock and a teapot.

The curse can be broken if the Beast loves another who in turn loves him before the last petal of the enchantress’s rose falls.

If not, the Beast will remain a Beast forever, and the members of his castle will be trapped inside household items.

In the end, the Beast and his crew are saved and transformed through the love of the beautiful Belle.

“Beauty and the Beast” comes with a score of timeless tunes including “Be Our Guest,” “A Change in Me” and “If I Can’t Love Her,” along with the signature piece, “Beauty and the Beast.”

The show is appropriate for all ages.

“Beauty and the Beast” runs at various times from Tuesday through Feb. 26 at the Paramount Theatre, 901 Pine St., Seattle.

Tickets start at $25 and are growing scarce. Mid-week shows are the best option. For schedule information and to order, call 888-451-4042 or go to www.seattle-theatre.com.

Herald staff