Bunny-shaped folded napkins dress up Easter dining tables

  • Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 9:58am
  • Life

We know it’s Easter already and you’ve probably set your table, but here’s a last-minute napkin-folding exercise to fluff up your settings. If you need photos to follow, go to www.goodhousekeeping.com and search for “napkin folding.”

Step 1: Take a solid-colored square napkin, and starch it for optimal workability. Thinner napkins work better.

Step 2: Fold the napkin up in half.

Step 3: Fold up in half again, to form a long rectangle.

Step 4: Fold the right and left sides down to meet in the center, forming a point at one end.

Step 5: Fold the opposite corners up.

Step 6: Fold the side corners in so they meet in the center, but don’t fold exactly straight. Pull up above the center point, and you’ll start to see the ears shape up. The napkin will form a kite shape.

Step 7: Gently turn your napkin over.

Step 8: Fold the bottom point up, so that it is roughly 1 inch above the center of the napkin.

Step 9: Carefully, turn the napkin over again.

Step 10: Roll the left side over, slightly past the center of the napkin.

Step 11: Fold the right side over, tucking the end into the pocket you created on the left side, holding your napkin together.

Step 12: Turn the napkin upright, separating the bottom to form a base. Fluff your bunny’s ears.

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