Check This Out: A Former Lobbyist Tells All

  • Tue Jan 31st, 2012 5:09pm
  • Life

What: NPR’s Planet Money podcast

Episode: “The Friday Podcast: A Former Lobbyist Tells All” originally aired on Jan. 27.

Recommended by: Kurt Batdorf, Snohomish County Business Journal editor

The pitch: In this podcast, the Planet Money crew gets a glimpse from inside the room where money changes hands. Jimmy Williams used to lobby for the powerful National Association of Realtors.

Williams tells us about some of the ridiculous issues he’s lobbied for, the steady flow of money that congresspeople need, and how he wants to take down the crazy campaign finance system.

For more, see Williams’s proposed Constitutional amendment and listen to our previous podcasts on lobbying: Jack Abramoff On Lobbying and Inside Washington’s Money Machine.