Carry your stuff and be discreet

  • Fri Apr 23rd, 2010 3:16pm
  • Life

Avoid looking like a tourist and donning a fanny pack (the leisure suit of travel gear), with the SPIbelt.

SPI stands for small personal item. It’s an adjustable belt with a highly stretchable pouch and a quick-release plastic buckle. Adjust the belt to your waist, tuck in whatever small items you want to take along and zip it closed.

It can hold the essentials for a trip to the beach or a walk to the shopping district: ID, a credit card, camera, keys and cash.

You can pull your shirttail over it, so you don’t have “tourist” written all over you. It can easily hold your phone or wallet and would be great for runners, too.

The only tricky part is that pouch gets flimsy when you take things out, so you have to make sure other things don’t slip out.

It costs $19.95 and is available from

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