Charming excerpt from 1904 book

  • Fri Aug 24th, 2012 9:47pm
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By Judyrae Kruse Herald Columnist

It’s no secret that many Forum cooks, more all of the time, actually, factually, really love old cookbooks. And the recipes found therein, some admittedly weird but nonetheless fascinating, some just plain good old-fashioned eating.

Then, too, heirloom cookbooks are often the one and only remaining source for certain never-forgotten, long-lost treasured recipes.

In the case of sunshine cake, another real old-timer comes to light today, thanks to Lake Stevens cook Mary Beck.

“I found the enclosed while looking through some of my mother’s old cookbooks,” she says. “Thought you would be interested.”

And how! So here we go, starting from the start, exactly as it appears in the 1904 edition of:

“Washburn-Crosby Co.’s ‘New Gold Medal Cook Book’


Each owner of a Gold Medal Cook Book is entitled to four additional copies without any cost whatever. These copies may be obtained in the following manner:

Please turn to Page 71 where you will find four coupons. As fast as you desire to use your privilege for four additional copies cut out the coupon, fill in your friend’s address and mail to us. No postage is required for these extra copies.

We trust you will avail yourself of this privilege immediately.

Address all communications to Washburn-Crosby Co., Minneapolis, Minn.”

Now for the recipe, also printed exactly as it appears in the above cookbook.

Sunshine Cake

Eleven whites of eggs, six yolks of eggs, one teaspoon cream of tartar, one and one-half cups sifted granulated sugar, one cup patent flour, one teaspoon extract orange. Beat whites till stiff and flaky, then whisk in one-half the sugar, beat yolks very light and add flavor and one-half the sugar, put yolks and whites together and fold in flour and cream of tartar, mixing as quickly as possible. Bake fifty to sixty minutes in a slow oven, using Angel Cake pan.

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