Common birds of Snohomish County

  • Monday, April 2, 2012 2:56pm
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American coot

American crow

American dipper

American goldfinch

American wigeon

Anna’s hummingbird

Bald eagle

Barn swallow

Belted kingfisher

Bewick’s wren

• Black-capped chickadee

• Black-headed grosbeak

• Bonaparte’s gull

• Brewer’s blackbird

• Bufflehead

• Bushtit

• California gull

• Canada goose

• Canvasback

• Caspian tern

• Cedar waxwing

• Cinnamon teal

• Common goldeneye

• Barrow’s goldeneye

• Common loon

• Common merganser

• Common raven

• Common yellowthroat

• Dark-eyed junco

• Double-crested cormorant

• Downy woodpecker

• Dunlin

• European starling

• Gadwall

• Glaucous-winged gull

• Golden-crowned sparrow

• Great blue heron

• Greater yellowlegs

• Great-horned owl

• Green-winged teal

• Hairy woodpecker

• Heermann’s gull

• Hermit thrush

• Hooded merganser

• Horned grebe

• House finch

• Killdeer

• Least sandpiper

• Lesser scaup

• Lesser yellowlegs

• Long-billed dowitcher

• Mallard

Marbled murrelet

Marsh wren

• Mew gull

• Northern flicker

• Northern harrier

• Northern pintail

• Northern shoveler

• Orange-crowned warbler

• Osprey

• Pigeon guillemot

• Pine siskin

• Red-breasted merganser

• Red-necked grebe

• Red-tailed hawk

• Red-winged blackbird

• Ring-billed gull

• Ring-necked duck

• Rock pigeon

• Ruby-crowned kinglet

• Ruddy duck

• Rufous hummingbird

• Savannah sparrow

• Song sparrow

• Spotted sandpiper

• Spotted towhee

• Steller’s jay

• Surf scoter

• Tree swallow

• Varied thrush

• Warbling vireo

• Western grebe

• Western sandpiper

• White-crowned sparrow

• White-winged scoter

• Willow flycatcher

• Wilson’s snipe

• Wilson’s warbler

• Winter wren

• Wood duck

• Yellow warbler

• Yellow-rumped warbler

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