Discover ancient critters at Burke’s Dinosaur Day

  • Thu Mar 4th, 2010 2:00pm
  • Life

By Andrea McInnis Herald Writer

Saturday’s “Dinosaur Day” at Seattle’s Burke Museum is a bit of a misnomer because, this year, it’s not just about dinosaurs.

The family-friendly event, with its 2010 “Journey Through Time” theme, will showcase more than 100 pieces of the museum’s more-than-3-million-piece paleontology collection, and will introduce fossils of creatures that lived before and after dinosaurs.

Specifically, in addition to dinosaur remains, fossils of ferns, flowers and various marine creatures will be on view.

Approximately two dozen experts — Burke staff members, graduate students and volunteers — will show off the fossils and answer questions.

The event also features an interactive exhibit from the Stonerose Interpretive Center in Republic, Wash. Kids can crack open a rock to find the fossil inside and take it home.

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