Ferrell-Wahlberg team still clicks in ‘Daddy’s Home’

Will Ferrell hasn’t exhausted the comedy of emasculation just yet — his argyle-sweater-vest-clad persona still has some comic juice.

Still, it was probably wise to re-team him with his “Other Guys” co-star Mark Wahlberg, as the latter’s Alpha Male swagger seems to bring out the best in Ferrell’s passive-aggressive boob. In “Daddy’s Home” the comedy is strictly PG-13, and even that seems overly protective.

Brad (Ferrell) works at a smooth-jazz radio station — the movie gets points just for that glorious touch — and is determined to be the world’s best stepdad to the two dismissive kids of new wife Sarah (Linda Cardellini).

The little tykes can’t stand his chipper enthusiasm for family bonding. Enter Dusty (Wahlberg), Sarah’s tattooed, chopper-ridin’ ex, who blows in from parts unknown and might want to re-enter the family portrait.

It’s a formula situation, right down to the way Brad’s insensitive boss (expertly turned by Thomas Haden Church) constantly reminds his employee of how fantastically cool his rival really is.

And at this point, relegating someone as good as Linda Cardellini to wifely support is inexcusable; except for a couple of craftily wistful glances in her was-band’s direction, she doesn’t have much to do. Director Sean Anders (“That’s My Boy”) sticks to sitcom set-ups, and the jokes tend toward the obvious.

But compared to, say, the shapeless “Sisters,” “Daddy’s Home” at least has structure, and even some sincerity behind its ultimately sweet-natured story. (Don’t get me wrong: There are still jokes about genitals, albeit tamer here.)

The movie’s good-hearted ending and its ironic coda are authentically funny; comedies should build as they move forward, and this one peaks at just the right time. Nobody does abject humiliation quite like Ferrell, and he and Wahlberg are well-matched in one-upmanship — even if nothing here is quite as soaringly daft as the “lions vs. tunas” exchange in “The Other Guys.”

And give Anders credit for allowing in the surreal: an apparently throwaway bit about a home repairman (comedian Hannibal Buress) turns into an unexpected but welcome running gag when the guy just never seems to leave the house. (Brad doesn’t want to be taken as racist by asking him to leave.)

There’s just enough of that kind of oddness to keep “Daddy’s Home” recognizably, and acceptably, Ferrellesque.

“Daddy’s Home” (2½ stars)

Nice-guy stepdad Will Ferrell is tested by Alpha Male dad Mark Wahlberg, in a comedy that taps the “Other Guys” vibe these two developed. The jokes are obvious, but at least the film builds nicely to a genuinely sweet and funny ending.

Rating: PG-13, for subject matter

Showing: Alderwood Mall, Everett Stadium, Galaxy Monroe, Marysville, Pacific Place, Thornton Place, Woodinville, Cascade Mall, Oak Harbor Plaza

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