Grant Plant Picks: Merritt’s Supreme

  • Tue Jul 15th, 2014 4:02pm
  • Life

What: A compact and dense grower, Hydrangea macrophylla or ‘Merritt’s Supreme’ is a choice addition to the smaller garden.

Why: The stocky thick branches and dense foliage create a full looking deciduous shrub maturing to about 4 feet tall. The large trusses of flowers are very prolific with rich coloring from dark indigo-blue to deep rose-purple. In autumn, the trusses mature in color to a lovely plum. This selection holds up well as a cut flower or for drying.

Where: This hydrangea grows best in light to open shade. A location protected from hot sun will keep the foliage and flowers from prematurely fading or scorching. A rich moist to well-drained soil produces the best growth and flowering. Hydrangeas are not drought tolerant and will grow and flower more prolifically with regular summer watering. The typically acidic soils of the Pacific Northwest will cause the variable flowers to bloom with purple and blue tones. For pink flowers, add lime to raise the pH and sweeten the soil.

Size: Reaches a heights of 4 feet with a spread of 5 feet.