Great plant picks: Tanyosho pine

  • Wednesday, May 30, 2012 12:40pm
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WHAT: The Tanyosho pine’s unusual growth habit and ornamental attributes make this Japanese tree a perfect fit for Asian-influenced Northwest gardens.

It grows slowly into a flat-topped tree with branches radiating out in a vaselike pattern from the main trunk.

The bright green needles are thin and soft and sprout at the ends of the branches.

WHY PLANT IT: The flat-topped pine adds contrast and color interest as the bark on the main branches peels to reveal a rusty orangish red inner layer. It complements plants with deep green foliage.

WHERE: The slow-growing pine thrives in full sun. It prefers well-drained or sandy soil, but will tolerate clay if the drainage is adequate.

Once established it is completely drought tolerant, although it appreciates occasional watering during prolonged dry weather.

ACTUAL SIZE: It reaches a height of 10 feet and a spread of 8 feet.


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