Learn about Puget Sound orcas from an expert

  • Fri Feb 24th, 2012 5:36pm
  • Life

Combine a talent for acting with expertise on killer whales and you’ve got Jeff Hogan.

Hogan is a biologist, photographer and trained actor, and he’ll be presenting a program on killer whales March 10 at McCollum Park.

Hogan uses underwater video to bring the San Juan orca population to the Northwest Stream Center. After the show, you’ll feel like a bit of an expert yourself because you’ll be able to recognize when you see a whale in the wild if that whale is swimming to get to another location, hunting for salmon or just playing.

You will also be able to tell if the whale is sleeping or in what is called “slumber mode.”

Tom Murdoch, of Adopt A Stream Foundation, said Hogan spends much of his time with orcas in waters around the San Juan Islands and has many great whale stories to tell.

This event also includes workbooks that will enable audience members to identify each whale by looking at its dorsal fin. That’s the big one on top of the whale.

“Killer Whale Tales” starts at 11 a.m. March 10 at the NW Stream Center at McCollum Park, 600 128th St., SE Everett. Registration is encouraged and can be done by calling 425-316-8592. Cost is $5 for Adopt A Stream Foundation members, $7 for nonmembers.

This event is being conducted by the Adopt A Stream Foundation in partnership with Snohomish County Parks and Recreation. For more details go to www.streamkeeper.org.

Herald staff