‘Lola Versus’ to open SIFF in Everett

  • Thu May 10th, 2012 10:20am
  • Life

A twisting romantic comedy set in New York City, “Lola Versus,” will open Everett’s third year as a participating city in the Seattle International Film Festival.

The film, by American director Daryl Wein, tells the story of how a woman copes after her engagement is broken off at the last minute.

It features rising independent stars, and like many of the films screened during this 38th year of SIFF, pushes some boundaries of contemporary filmmaking.

Since 2010, SIFF has included the Everett Performing Arts Center as a venue.

While SIFF officially begins May 17, Everett’s opening night is a week later, on May 24. The festival runs through June 10 on screens throughout the region.

Nearly two dozen films will screen in Everett, including films from Denmark, Germany, Australia, Palestine, Spain, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

A complete schedule of SIFF events and ticket information is available at www.siff.net.

Herald staff