Must-see bands at Bumbershoot this weekend

  • Thu Aug 30th, 2012 11:21am
  • Life

By Steven Graham

It is time to Bumbershoot again! The lineup and the weather are both looking pretty solid for this weekend and I am getting excited. I mean, Tony Bennett is going to be there. I can only name two Tony Bennett songs but for some reason I’m still really excited to catch his show. It probably has something to do with that whole living legend thing.

Like Sasquatch! Fest and Capitol Hill Block Party, there will be some scheduling conflicts but it’s actually not too bad this time. There are a lot of bands starting sets midway through other shows I will be seeing but I expect to make it from one to the other with enough time to see a little bit of everything. Like when Damien Jurado finishes in time for me to catch the last half of Jane’s Addiction (fingers crossed).

One thing that I love about Bumbershoot that seems to get lost at times with some of the other festivals is that Bumbershoot goes after bigger hiphop names. It would have been nice if the scheduling had spread them out a bit more but it will be cool to see Big Sean and Mac Miller back to back at the main stage on Sunday.

Here is the rest of my festival track for Bumbershoot. I’m open to suggestions though if anyone wants to change my mind. Who are you excited to see?

The names in bold print are my must sees for each day.


• 1:00pm – Don’t Talk to the Cops (TuneIn Stage)

• 3:30pm – Sera Cahoone (Sub Pop Stage)

• 5:15pm – THEESatisfaction (Sub Pop Stage)

• 7:45pm – City and Colour (TuneIn State)

There will be some major overlap with the next three.

• 8:45pm – The Helio Sequence (Sub Pop Stage)

9:00pm – Damien Jurado (The Promenade)

• 9:30pm – Jane’s Addiction (Bumbershoot Main Stage)


1:30pm – Niki &The Dove (Sub Pop Stage)

• 3:15pm – Tony Bennett (Bumbershoot Main Stage)

• 4:30pm – The Young Evils (The Promenade)

• 5:00pm – Fruit Bats (Sub Pop Stage)

• 7:30pm – Deep Sea Diver (The Promenade)

• 8:15pm – Big Sean (Bumbershoot Main Stage)

• 9:45pm – Mac Miller (Bumbershoot Main Stage)


1:00pm – Reignwolf (Starbucks Stage)

• 3:15pm – M83 (Bumbershoot Main Stage)

• 4:30pm – LP (Starbucks Stage)

• 6:00pm – Bryan John Appleby (The Promenade)

• 8:30pm – Two Fresh (Bumbershoot Main Stage)

• 9:15pm – Passion Pit (TuneIn Stage)