Period movie to film scenes in Snohomish

  • Mon Apr 23rd, 2012 8:07pm
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By Alejandro Dominguez Herald Writer

SNOHOMISH — An independent film company has set its eyes on this city.

In early May, film crews from New York-based Parts and Labor production company are expected to shoot in several Snohomish locations for “You Can’t Win,” a movie based on memoirs written by Jack Black, a Missouri-based thief who was homeless and spent 30 years living on railroads and traveling through the western United States and Canada.

The book with the same name was published in 1926 and also describes prison life before the Great Depression.

Jack Black is to be portrayed by Michael Pitt, a 31-year-old actor who has appeared in different movies and TV series. He played Jimmy Darmody on the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” and played Kurt Cobain in “Last Days,” a movie based on the Seattle singer’s life. Pitt is also listed as one of the screenwriters and producers for this movie.

Robinson Devor is the director.

Release is scheduled for 2013.

It is not known where exactly in Snohomish the filming will take place. A location manager approached the city on April 5 to discuss sites, which included the Blackman House Museum and the railroad bridge that crosses Snohomish River, economic development manager Debbie Emge said.

“The city supports having movies and commercials shot in Snohomish. We are proud to show off what we have to offer,” Emge said.

Filming is scheduled to last a couple of days around May 10. It is unknown how many people will come from the film company, but it is believed Pitt will be in Snohomish to film a scene, Emge said.

The city benefits by the exposure and also from right-of-way permits that cost between $20 and $60. Restaurants and local businesses benefit by having the crew as clients, Emge said.

“We are excited the crew will be here to eat,” Emge said.

Some street closures may occur during filming, she said.

Attempts to reach the production company by email and phone were unsuccessful Monday.

According to a press release, crews are also scheduled to shoot in other parts of Washington state and Montana. The film is expected to be shown in film festivals to get support for national distribution.

Snohomish has been showcased before in both commercials and independent films. T-Mobile is scheduled to film a commercial in downtown Snohomish next week, as well.

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