Phoenix Theatre sticks to what it does best: comedy

  • Wed Jun 13th, 2012 6:28pm
  • Life

By Theresa Goffredo Herald Writer

The Phoenix Theatre on the second floor of the funky Firdale Shopping Center in Edmonds has planned its fifth season of what it does best: comedy performances.

Here’s a look at the new season lineup:

“The Sugar Bean Sisters”: Aug. 31. Reviewers have called this Southern Gothic comedy weird and wonderful with the Nettle sisters determined not to be spinsters as Willie plans a trip to Salt Lake City for a Mormon husband and Faye waits for the space people.

“Sylvia”: Oct. 19. This marriage might be in a bit of trouble with Greg’s career wrapping up but Kate’s just beginning and then Sylvia enters the scene to help Greg forget his frustrations with middle age. Can a compromise be reached?

“Dashing Through the Snow”: Dec. 7. There is a place called Tinsel, Texas where it’s four days before Christmas and the wacky Futrelle sisters are joined at the Snowflake Inn by down and out actors, two feuding 80-year-olds and a couple dressed like Mrs. Claus and an elf.

“Wild Dust”: Feb. 8. This can definitely be described as wild as the women from a local brothel find themselves sharing space with society ladies during a dust storm in 1880 when a handsome stranger appears on the scene — that makes it difficult to hide the dead body.

“Office Hours”: April 5. You may need a steno pad to keep up with this show, which involves six stories taking place in six offices in a big city where we follow such characters as a gay entertainment lawyer, a philandering agent, an overweight jockey and a desperate movie producer — and all the stories are somehow related.

“Kaputnik”: May 31. This sounds like the campiest show of the season based on the launch of Sputnick where we find Dr. Myles Stanton and his bubbly assistant Blaine — who truly believes Earth will be invaded by Mars — who are running an obsolete observatory somewhere in the desert. This show has a cat and mouse game with people dressed in trench coats and fedoras that will keep you guessing.

The Phoenix Theatre is at 9673 Firdale Ave., Edmonds. For tickets call the box office at 206- 533-2000 or email them at