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  • Tue Jun 3rd, 2014 3:28pm
  • Life

What: Primula poisonii, a candelabra primrose, are intention-getters in shade gardens because of their fragrant, multitiered blooms.

In mid- to late spring, Primula beesianas sport bright magenta blooms with golden yellow eyes.

Its semi-evergreen foliage is medium green, and lanced shaped.

Why: Primula poisonii are very long-lived and will quickly establish a good size clump and bloom in mid-to-late spring.

The foliage is a medium green, oblong, semi-evergreen. The reddish-purple flowers have a yellow eye.

Where: They need part shade, rich soil and regular watering.

Size: This perennial grows to about 18-inches wide by 18-inches high.

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