Plants of merit: Candelabra primroses

  • Tue May 22nd, 2012 4:35pm
  • Life

WHAT: Candelabra primula, tall primroses, are easy to spot in the garden as they reach heights of 14 to 28 inches, and rise stiffly upright.

They are available in many colors including pinks, white, purple, red, yellow and orange.

Candelabra primroses are in bloom for approximately six weeks in late spring through midsummer and provide colorful vertical interest to the garden.

SUN OR SHADE: These plants do well in sun to part shade and need a rich moist soil.

SIZE: Some varieties can reach 28 inches tall, while many are in the 18-inch range.

SEE IT: At the Evergreen Arboretum &Gardens in the Master Gardeners Demonstration Border to the left of the entrance columns; 145 Alverson Blvd., Everett; For more information see or call 425-257-8597.

Source: Sandra Schumacher, Evergreen Arboretum &Gardens Foundation