Revisit the classic ‘Scarlet Letter’

  • Sun May 20th, 2012 5:44pm
  • Life

Bet it’s been awhile since you’ve read “The Scarlet Letter.” High school, right?

Here’s a chance to dust off that dog-eared novel and think about its implications today.

“The Scarlet Letter” is the next book in the Everett Public Library’s Books You’ve Always Meant to Read series, or maybe we should call it Books You’ve Read But Now Forgotten.

Poet and Everett Community College professor Bethany Reid will discuss the classic at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the library’s main auditorium.

“The Scarlet Letter,” you may recall, is about a woman banished from her Puritan New England community for an adulterous affair with a pastor.

“I love the way it works as a kind of elevator to American history,” Reid said in a press release, “opening first on the ground floor with the Puritans, then in the mid-18th century with Hawthorne’s own difficult political climate, plus anticipating the religious insecurities of our current age.”

Reid’s latest poetry collection, “What Saves Us,” is coming out in the fall.

There will be time for questions and comments following Wednesday’s talk.

The library is at 2702 Hoyt Ave., Everett. Call 425-257-8000 or go to for more information.

In case you’ve lost that old book, copies are available to check out at the library.

Herald staff