Seems Like Yesterday

  • Fri Jul 6th, 2012 2:31pm
  • Life

50 years ago (1962)

• The Bank of Everett was opening its doors with a day-long grand opening celebration tomorrow. The new bank, in temporary quarters, was staging a gala complete with ornaments, souvenirs, exhibits, a guessing game and a prize straight out the “Good Old Days.” Governor Albert D. Rosellini would be among the guests.

• A flag and rug dedication ceremony was planned for Warm Beach Community Church by the Rev. Kenneth Taylor. Taylor was leaving to take a full-time pastorate in Leavenworth. The Rev. Howard Richardson of Stanwood would be the new pastor.

25 years ago (1987)

• Cinda Dow, owner of the On-Deck Circle which sold skateboards, hoped that a special park for skateboarders would solve the Snohomish problem. The area being considered was a two-acre parcel adjacent to the fire station. The facility’s centerpiece would be a wooden “half-pipe” ramp curling up at each end to form a half circle.

• Edmonds adopted a sister city yesterday. It was Hekinan, Japan, an agricultural port about 150 miles west of Tokyo whose 63,000 residents would now presumably be invited to have an Edmonds kind of day. Now Edmonds had a standing invitation to have a Hekinan kind of day.

By Jack O’Donnell, from Herald archives at the Everett Public Library.