Seems Like Yesterday

  • Tue Sep 21st, 2010 10:29pm
  • Life

50 YEARS AGO (1960)

District No. 5, Association of Grandmothers Clubs of Washington, met last week in VFW Hall in Everett. Clara Olson, Everett district president, presided. The aim of all Grandmothers Clubs was to build a home for aged grandmothers.

A combination fair and rummage-bake sale organized by Trafton Parents Club and children of the school at Trafton would be tomorrow. The popular Around the World Display, including flowers, vegetables, toys and antiques, would be shown. There would be pony rides, outside games and a light lunch.

25 YEARS AGO (1985)

Despair over the fate of their daughters turned to joy for two Everett couples when ham radio buffs in Texas and South Carolina picked up short-wave messages from earthquake-stricken Mexico City. The couples were George and Phyllis Tanielian and Don and Lee Anderson.

Langley became a living game board recently for a trivia contest with more than 100 contestants. Town residents and businesses decided to host the event after successfully pulling off in February the Langley Mystery, a sleuth hunt where participants tried to solve the fictional murder of a dentist.

By Jack O’Donnell from Herald archives at Everett Public Library