Seems Like Yesterday

  • Fri Feb 26th, 2010 9:27am
  • Life

50 YEARS AGO (1960)

The Social and Study Club was meeting at the home of Viola Bast at 3624 Broadway. Dr. Victor Pavamani of Karala, India, an instructor at Everett Junior College, would be the guest speaker.

News from Twin City was that Cedarhome Baptist Church celebrated its 70th birthday today. The Rev. John Wachsmith, pastor, was assisted during the two services by former pastors and other pastors from around the Pacific Northwest. The present church was built in 1921 and the parsonage in 1946.

25 YEARS AGO (1985)

Snohomish County PUD decided last night to get out of the Washington Public Power Supply System, ending a prolonged battle that turned into one of the bitterest in the county’s history. Commissioner Matt Dillon said the utility could eliminate exposure to future liability by withdrawing from WPPSS.

Veteran City Councilman Moe Michelson said he would not run for re-election this fall. He had served on the council since the current council-mayor form of government went into effect in 1969. Michelson was an Everett native who had been in the junk business since 1924.

By Jack O’Donnell from Herald archives at Everett Public Library