Super Kid: Allison Holbrook, Lynnwood High School

  • Fri Sep 28th, 2012 5:31pm
  • Life

By Bill Sheets Herald Writer

Q: What was your senior project?

A: It’s called “Dig for a Cure” (for breast cancer research), and a lot of volleyball teams do it throughout the nation, I think it was created by Susan G. Komen. I organized it for both high schools. We’ve been doing it with Meadowdale High School for three years. I just kind of played off it and did some different things. We changed it up and did different jerseys.

I went down and job-shadowed my mentor, who works at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and just got a feel for it.

I tried to make the feel for it a little more of a survivor-type thing, so I picked songs that were all inspiring songs. I got volleyballs, and I had people write on them the names of people they know who’ve had cancer and the type of cancer they had, and put them in the gym. That’s something we did the first year we did it, but not the second one.

This year, I gave away prizes if you donated money, so more people would be encouraged to donate, and we raised about $1,000, so that’s good.

Q: What motivated you to get involved?

A: My mom had (breast) cancer; she’s free of it now. She had it when I was going into my sophomore year, and she went into remission in my junior year, I think.

Q: You mentioned a mentor.

A: Her name is Debbie Berg, she did a speech last year at the “Dig for a Cure” event. Her daughter, and her other daughter; one of them was my volleyball coach and the other one was on the team so I met her through there. For a senior project you have to find a mentor. She works in IT at the Cancer Care Alliance.

She was able to get me into different departments, like the marketing department, which she works in, and with somebody who works in computer privacy, which was really interesting.

I’m going to try to volunteer for one more event, even though I’m pretty much done with hours for my senior project.

Q: What are some of your other activities?

A: I play volleyball and I peer-mentored at the school. It’s where you help out the mentally disabled students, and you take them around. For my college major I want to go into psychology.

And I’m a Link Leader: It’s freshman orientation, where you lead them around the school, and you help them with things so they feel welcomed. I really liked my freshman orientation, so I wanted to do it.

I just joined FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) and got the secretary position. I took Advanced Placement classes, too. They’re really hard.

Q: What’s your GPA?

A: 3.79, from last year.

Q: What’s your favorite subject?

A: I like math because I’m good at it, I guess.

Q: Where are you thinking of going to college?

A: I was thinking Seattle Pacific University, or UW, maybe somewhere in Oregon, like Oregon State. I would love to go to California, but I don’t think I could afford it. It seems like too much money.

I’m thinking about Western (Washington University), too. My brother and sister both go there. I really like that campus.

I’m going to apply to all of those and see which ones I get accepted to, and then apply for financial aid.

I’m going to go on more college visits and see which one I fall in love with.