Tell kids the truth about drugs

I have a 23-year-old son who is a success and has never tried pot.

But the drug czar (Gil Kerlikowske) has a son who was jailed for marijuana sales and assault.

The drug czar has been an anti drug use zealot for all his life, yet his kid has chosen to smoke a little pot and make money off of it.

My 23-year-old son was always told the truth about medical use of marijuana. (I have hepatitis C and use and grow medical marijuana.)

Kerlikowske’s son grew up with all the lies his father told him.

I think my son turned out better. He has never decided to drink or smoke anything. And he is a success! And he votes in favor of marijuana being legalized.

United States citizens have never had a chance to have a say about what we choose to put into our own bodies; that time is NOW.

Please legalize medical marijuana for everyone who needs it for their health around the country.

I am counting on YOU to make it legal for once in my life. Before I die from Hep-C.

Thank you very much!

Darral Good


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