Try Nick’s for a satisfying burger-gyro combination

For several months now, I’ve been driving by Nick’s Jr. and quietly laughing to myself at the variety advertised: burgers and gyros.

I predicted that a such a combo was either going to be great, or awful. So, when I first stopped in to pick up a burger and gyro for dinner, I was curious which it was going to be.

I’m happy to report that Nick’s falls into the great category. The menu isn’t overly large but has good variety. The staff, including Nick himself, is friendly and easygoing. The unique mix of gyros and burgers makes it all too easy to eat there frequently.

The first time we went, we ordered a gyro of the gods ($4.99, plus 99 cents for feta). It’s a satisfying gyro with beef and lamb, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and tzatziki, regular or spicy. Both are good and the spicy tzatziki is hot, but not overwhelmingly so. They are generous with the meat and feta, so this is a filling meal by itself.

I’ve enjoyed all of the burgers I’ve tried. My favorite is the Greek burger ($4.49), which has Greek spices mixed into the patty and is topped with tzatziki sauce, feta, lettuce, onion and tomato. The feta is a fun change to your typical burger and the tzatziki adds some tang.

The banzai burger ($4.49) is also tasty, if a bit messy. It has a teriyaki-glazed patty, wasabi mayo, grilled pineapple, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.

My husband tried the Nick’s deluxe ($5.79) and it more than filled him up. With two patties, it’s a big burger for when you’re really hungry. It comes with mushrooms, onions, cheddar and swiss cheese, bacon, avocado garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles. It’s a mouthful.

If you’re extra hungry or are feeding a crowd, Nick’s has an interesting selection of sides including sweet potato fries ($2.29 for a small, $2.79 for a large), fried pickle chips ($2.99), fried mushrooms ($2.99), and fried zucchini ($2.99).

You can also try their Greek fries ($2.99) which include oregano, lemon, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce.

My favorite is the Greek fries. The feta, oregano and lemon taste great together. It’s all too easy to eat a serving quickly. I really like the tzatziki as dipping sauce. It has a good tang. We’ve also tried the sweet potato fries, which were tasty although I prefer them a smidge crisper. The zucchini was good with the tzatziki and my husband liked them a lot, although I found them too soft.

My husband ordered a Greek salad ($5.99, 99 cents extra for gyro meat) recently, and it was a great deal as it was large enough to be two meals. It’s made up of lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, feta cheese, and greek olives dressed with olive oil and vinegar — a simple salad but tasty and filling if you add in the meat.

Also, while you’re choosing from the menu, you can’t help but stare at a selection of baklava and kourambiedes (butter cookies with almonds and powdered sugar) that’s always sitting at the order counter. Both desserts are tasty — although I dust off a bit of the excessive powdered sugar on the kourambiedes.

I’m happy Nick’s opened nearby. It’s a refreshing change from other burger joints and I like that it’s a local business. The only problem is not stopping in too often. The reasonably priced burgers will get spendy if they mean I have to buy new jeans.

Nick’s Jr.

5821 Evergreen Way, Everett; 425- 347-6037.

Specialty: Burgers and gyros.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.

Vegetarian options: A few, including a veggie gyro.

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