What to cook if you want to try Ireland’s fare

  • Tue Mar 16th, 2010 10:54pm
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Early Irish cuisine was based on meat, dairy, seafood products in the coastal regions and vegetables gathered from the wild or grown at home.

After the potato was introduced in the late 16th century, it quickly became a staple food.

Irish Breakfast

An Irish breakfast is a hearty start to the day. It often includes steel-cut oatmeal, which is thicker and chewier than rolled oats. It’s delicious served with milk, cinnamon and sugar.

Scones are another Irish favorite. The buttery biscuits are traditionally studded with currants and raisins.

Prefer a savory breakfast? The Irish sometimes eat potato cakes β€” leftover mashed potatoes with flour patted into a round β€” at breakfast time.

With that, you drink Irish Breakfast tea with milk and sugar β€” never lemon!

Classic Irish Fare

The Irish are famous for their potatoes. They can be prepared simply or more elaborately. Potatoes simply cooked, wrapped up in foil and put into the fire (like in the hearth) get a wonderful smoky flavor from the ashes.

Champ is made by blending mashed potatoes, eggs and scallions.

Potatoes also play a big role in traditional Irish stews. Beef or lamb is combined with onions, carrots, celery and potatoes.

Irish soda bread is the perfect accompaniment.